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Promotional still
Directed by Kathir
Produced by P. Sridhar Reddy
Written by Kathir[1]
Starring Prabhu Ganesan
Chinni Jayanth
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Raghunatha Reddy
Edited by K. Venkateswara Rao
Sai Shanthi Movies
Distributed by Sai Shanthi Movies
Release date
13 November 1993
Country India[1]
Language Tamil

Uzhavan is a 1993 Tamil-language film written and directed by Kathir. The film stars Prabhu Ganesan, Bhanupriya, and Rambha. A. R. Rahman composed the music. The film was a Deepavali release.


The story of a farmer whose life changes after the death of his mother and meeting a school teacher.

Depicts the life of a young farmer who has lived life to his fullest and made others live it too. He faces the facts; he is fat and obnoxiously so. They know him as the fat one; that many a pink girl in half saris laugh at and wouldn't even dream of having to live with as a wife. His mother; an old and dying woman wishes for but to see her son happily wedded before she breathes her last. Finally, things seem to be falling into place, with a beautiful country girl that agrees to marriage but later, tells him of her love for another man. Heartbroken, he agrees to wreck the marriage, post which his mother hates him and dies in pain. He is ridiculed as the one that killed his own mother with his foolish acts. They cuss him and tell him that he would burn on a pyre of wet twigs. He cries to a local school teacher, who takes pity on him. She tells him of how one ought to look at the heart and not what forms outside it. Flesh. Blood. It's all but physical entities. But it's the heart that beats truly. She wipes his tears and teaches him life.



Soundtrack album by A R Rahman
Released 1993
Recorded Panchathan Record Inn
Genre Film soundtrack
Label Lahari Music
Aditya Music
Producer A. R. Rahman
A R Rahman chronology
Kizhakku Cheemayile
Thiruda Thiruda

All music composed by A. R. Rahman. The lyrics are by Vaali unless otherwise noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Singer(s) Length
1. "Pennalla Pennalla Oodha Poo"   S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 4:55
2. "Maari Mazhai Peyaadho" Kadhir Shahul Hameed, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Sujatha Mohan 5:28
3. "Kaathu Kaathu Dinam Kaathu"   K. S. Chithra, G. V. Prakash Kumar 4:11
4. "En Aatha Pon Aatha"   K. J. Yesudas, K. S. Chithra 5:15
5. "Kangalil Enne Eeramo"   K. S. Chithra, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 4:11
6. "Raa Kozhi Rendum"   K. J. Yesudas, Swarnalatha 5:02


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