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Uzi Meshulam (Hebrew: עוזי משולם‎‎‎; October 30, 1952 - June 21, 2013) was a Rabbi from Yehud who in 1994 was the leader of a group of jews from different background and ethnicities, who protested the kidnapping of thousands of children and infants from yemen, middle eastern and balkan origins, by corrupt israeli officials and authorities.


At the end of the 1970s Meshulam taught Torah in a religious school and many students gathered around him.

Meshulam became widely known in the affair which began on Passover in 1994. During that time Meshulam distributed pamphlets which described the kidnappings of Jewish Yemenite children and stated that around 4,500 children of Jewish Yemenite immigrants were taken from their parents by the Israeli authorities and given to rich Ashkenazi Jews inside Israel and abroad during the late 1940s and early 1950s while the Yemenite, middle eastern and balkan immigrants were falsely told that their babies had died from illness or malnutrition.[1] After a local conflict between Meshulam and a sewer contractor escalated, police forces intervened, and in the stir of the emotions Meshulam and his followers called for a commission of inquiry into the disappearance of the Yemenite children.

Meshulam's followers barricaded his home with sandbags and stones and armed themselves with many weapons. As a result, a large force of police, snipers and a Special Patrol Unit surrounded Meshulam's house for weeks. On May 10, at 3:00 AM, Meshulam left his followers in his home in order to meet with the Police Commissioner Assaf Hefetz. At this point the police forces broke into the house and 11 followers were arrested. One of them, 19-year-old Shlomi Assouline, was killed by the police during the raid.[2][3]

Meshulam's followers were accused of a number of offenses: conspiracy to commit a crime, obstructing justice, an attempt to injury with serious intent, threats, deliberate risk of human lives, and manufacturing illegal weapons. As a result Meshulam's followers were sentenced to prison terms of between 15 months to five years. Meshulam himself was convicted of providing instruction to throw Molotov cocktails at police forces and obstruction of justice. He was sentenced to 8 years but was eventually cleared of one of the offenses and as a result his sentence was reduced to six and a half years,[4] from which he did five years in practice after the president Ezer Weizman deducted seven months of his sentence.

In October 1994 a warden at Meshulam's prison was shot by two of Meshulam's followers, but he survived eventually the attack. The attackers were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms.

Following the events in January 1995 the Cohen Commission was established, which was headed by a former Supreme Court justice Yehuda Cohen. The Cohen Commission investigated for nearly 7 years the disappearance cases of the Yemenite immigrants' children between in 1948 - 1954. The Committee's report provided explanations for many of the cases of disappearances, but found no evidence of a conspiracy in the matter, although 56 cases are still considered open cases.[5]

In January 1996 Meshulam was transferred to the Shata prison. Shortly after his health worsened and he was hospitalized. His followers continued to protest and call for his release, though the public protests eventually diminished. On Wednesday, July 14, 2017, the State Archives website launched the first possibility of examining the covert protocols of the Kahan-Kedmi Committee, which investigated the disappearance of Yemenite children. In a festive ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, MK Nurit Koren and State Archives Dr. Yaakov Lozowick presented the website with the scanned materials that the government approved.Hard and shocking testimonies have been revealed, according to which babies and children were abducted, and not only of Yemenite origin, and shocking medical experiments were carried out there. Eli Lipstein, a pathology researcher, revealed a shocking reality in which the researcher treated the families and children as easy prey. "The laws were the laws of the jungle - the strong get the rights ... If the family was strong, aware of its rights and insisting on its own, nothing would have happened ... The people were perceived by the establishment as weak and could be expelled in disgrace. And the law allowed it. "

Lipstein said that all the babies underwent autopsies. "They were carried out under unconditional conditions, over a sink, etc. They performed an autopsy, removed all the organs and most of them were placed in huge glass jars, and they did not even send the parts and bodies for burial until the age of several weeks. And they buried it in a mass grave, I was exposed to the materials that showed a shocking picture, there was a jungle - a weak victim, a light prey. ""The medical system saw the Mizrahi people as physically and psychologically different people, talking about Mizrahiism as a mental and clinical disorder that needs to be corrected, like animals," said Dr. Rafi Shubli, who has been studying the kidnapping of Yemenite children for years. Full of the word. Were doing research and the last part was if the child died. The ma'abarot were described as a paradise for research. That the whole world is jealous of us, and that it would be a failure not to take advantage of this opportunity for research and knowledge. They are described as a herd of frightened animals. The attitude toward these people was like monkeys. "

MK Amir Ohana, who was present at the hearing, sharpened the tone and even hinted that the murder was deliberate. He read a testimony by Dr. Rotenberg in one of the hospitals that told of very high percentages of children who die in the ward: "The children died of mistakes and only ten days later they informed the parents." The therapist said that her colleagues were furious that she was acting differently from them and attacked " They each have their eyes closed on what the other is doing. They do not even realize that they are the murderers of the children. "Ohana harshly attacked:" If we thought the subject was shocking, we did not understand how much. Eighty percent of the children died from neglect and lack of care. It is not coincidental, the same as an intention. murder. This is not negligence. " The opening of testimonies and findings to the general public confirms that Uzi Meshulam was indeed right in all his difficult accusations, and that children and children were indeed abducted and disappeared by the establishment in those years, and indeed, shocking medical experiments were carried out. It is important to note that Uzi Meshulam not only cried out for the crimes committed against Yemenite children, but also children of Mizrahi and Balkan origin. He made a point of reiterating that the abducted children were not only of Yemenite origin, but in any case they were not the European and European oriental origin of the rulers in the establishment at that time. If so, there may be some truth to the claims of Meshulam's followers that he was poisoned by the establishment at the time of the internment. In any event, it is well known to Uzi Meshulam that a healthy person has entered prison, and he is sick and confined to bed until his untimely death.

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