Uzunköprü railway station

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Uzunköprü Railway Station
Owned by TCDD
Platforms 1
Tracks 4
Opened 1873

Uzunköprü Railway Station (Uzunköprü Garı in Turkish) is a railway station serving Uzunköprü, though situated 3 kilometres north of that town. The station is used by regional services İstanbul-Uzunköprü and Uzunköprü-Alpullu. It was served by the international Dostluk/Filia Express, a daily train between Istanbul and Thessaloniki, until that service was terminated in 2011.


The station was built in 1873 by the Chemins de fer Orientaux on their İstanbul-Vienna main line. The world-famous Orient Express stopped at the station on its journey between Paris and İstanbul. A Turkish State Railways organisation was formed after World War I, and in 1937 took over the Chemins de fer Orientaux as well as the station.

Rail services using the station[edit]

Previous station Service Next station
Towards Thessaloniki
Dostluk/Filia Express
Towards İstanbul
İstanbul-Uzunköprü Regional
Towards İstanbul
Uzunköprü-Alpullu Regional
Towards Alpullu

Coordinates: 41°17′46″N 26°41′24″E / 41.296°N 26.690°E / 41.296; 26.690