Vännäs TV Tower

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Vännäs Television Tower
Vännäs TV Tower is located in Sweden
Vännäs TV Tower
Location within Sweden
General information
TypePartially guyed concrete television tower
LocationVännäs, Vännäs Municipality, Västerbotten County,  Sweden
Coordinates63°50′25″N 19°49′21″E / 63.84028°N 19.82250°E / 63.84028; 19.82250Coordinates: 63°50′25″N 19°49′21″E / 63.84028°N 19.82250°E / 63.84028; 19.82250
Construction started1987
Height323 m (1,060 ft) (rounded-off)
The Vännäs TV Tower, resembles Gerbrandy Tower (pictured).

Vännäs TV Tower (Swedish: Vännäsmasten) is a Swedish concrete television tower that has a mast on top. It is used for transmitting FM-/TV-broadcasting.[1]

The Vännäs TV Tower resembles the Gerbrandy Tower in IJsselstein, the Netherlands. They both are a concrete tower with a steel mast on top that is guyed to the ground. The Gerbrandy Tower is 367 m (1,204 ft) tall, while the Vännäs Tower is shorter at 323 m (1,060 ft) tall.

Vännäs TV Tower was built in 1988 as replacement for a previous tower destroyed by ice accumulation in the winter of 1987.[citation needed] It is operated by Teracom.


Vännäs TV Tower lies in the statistical-designated place of Vännäs, which in turn, is the seat of the municipality of Vännäs, in the county of Västerbotten, situated in the northern part of the Kingdom of Sweden.[citation needed]

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