Värsta språket

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Värsta språket
Presented by Fredrik Lindström
Country of origin Sweden
Original language(s) Swedish
No. of seasons 2
Producer(s) Sveriges Television
Running time 30 minutes
Original network SVT2
Original release 31 October 2002 – 8 April 2003

Värsta språket (Swedish: "[The] Worst Language"[1]) was a Swedish television series about the Swedish language. The series, which was hosted by Fredrik Lindström and produced by Karin af Klintberg, was broadcast on SVT during 2002 and 2003. The series discussed issues with the Swedish language in an entertaining way.

After two seasons, Fredrik Lindström claimed that the attention from the programme was a burden to him and that he wouldn't host it anymore. The show was therefore put on hiatus. Lindström did however return with another language-related series called Svenska dialektmysterier in 2006.

Lindström and af Klintberg were given Stora journalistpriset for the programme.

Much of what was mentioned in the show is recorded and can be read in Lindström's two books: Världens dåligaste språk ("The World's baddest [sic!] language"[2]) and Jordens smartaste ord ("The smartest words on Earth").


  1. ^ With a slang meaning of "värsta", the title could be interpreted in two different ways.
  2. ^ As English, the Swedish language uses a different stem for the comparative and superlative of this adjective; the correct superlative of dålig, "bad", is "sämsta" in written language, not dåligaste.

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