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Västra Nyland
Typenewspaper published 6 times per week
Owner(s)Foreningen Konstsamfundet Association
PublisherKSF Media
EditorTommy Westerlund

Västra Nyland is a regional Swedish-language newspaper in Finland. The name of the newspaper translates into "The western part of the Nyland region (of Finland)", this region also being the area where the newspaper is circulated. The newspaper is informally called Västis.

History and profile[edit]

Västra Nyland was founded in 1881[1] by Theodor Neovius, and the first edition was published on 7 October the same year. The owner of the paper was a few families.[1] Then Foreningen Konstsamfundet Association became the majority owner of it[1] of which the headquarters is located in Ekenäs. The paper is published six times per week.[2]

Västra Nyland is published in tabloid format and has been published by the KSF Media since 2008.[1] The company also publishes Hufvudstadsbladet, Östra Nyland, Hangötidningen, Borgåbladet and Loviisan Sanomat.[3] The paper has a liberal stance and has no political affiliation.[1]

In 1996 the circulation of Västra Nyland was 10,823 copies.[2] It was 10,033 copies in 2012.[4]


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