Vågsfjorden, Troms

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Harstad at night seen from Gangsåstoppen.jpg
View of the fjord and the northern part of Harstad
Ibestad map.jpg
Location Troms, Norway
Coordinates 68°51′58″N 16°54′11″E / 68.8662°N 16.9030°E / 68.8662; 16.9030Coordinates: 68°51′58″N 16°54′11″E / 68.8662°N 16.9030°E / 68.8662; 16.9030
Basin countries Norway
Max. length 46 kilometres (29 mi)
Max. width 20 kilometres (12 mi)
Settlements Harstad

Vågsfjorden is a fjord in the southern part of Troms county in Norway. The fjord is located between Norway's two largest islands, Hinnøya to the south and Senja to the north. The fjord connects to the Andfjorden and the Tranøyfjorden to the north, and to the Astafjorden and Tjeldsundet to the south. The smaller islands of Grytøya and Sandsøya lie on the western side of the fjord and the islands of Andørja and Rolla lie along the eastern side of the fjord.[1]

Vågsfjorden and Andørja; 3 May 2008 (11:43 local time). View towards north-east from Harstad City.

The 46-kilometre (29 mi) long fjord flows through the municipalities of Harstad, Tranøy, Dyrøy, Ibestad, and Skånland. The city of Harstad, on the fjord's western shore, is popularly known as Vågsfjordens perle (English: pearl of Vågsfjorden).


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