Vålådalen Nature Reserve

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Vålådalen Nature Reserve
Västra Bunnerstöten.jpg
Map showing the location of Vålådalen Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Vålådalen Nature Reserve
Location within Jämtland County
Nearest cityÖstersund
Coordinates63°05′24″N 12°49′48″E / 63.09000°N 12.83000°E / 63.09000; 12.83000Coordinates: 63°05′24″N 12°49′48″E / 63.09000°N 12.83000°E / 63.09000; 12.83000
Area1,180 km2 (290,000 acres)[1]

Vålådalen Nature Reserve (Swedish: Vålådalens naturreservat) is a nature reserve in Jämtland County in Sweden. It is part of the EU-wide Natura 2000-network.

The nature reserve contains a varied landscape with mountain tops, forests and wetlands. The area contains several geological peculiarities such as pyramidal hills, formed during the end-stages of the last Ice age. The fauna is rich, with species which are threatened in Sweden such as wolverine and Arctic fox represented. The flora also contains some unusual species (e.g. several types of orchids).[1]


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