Víctor Joy Way

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Víctor Dionicio Joy Way Rojas
Prime Minister of Peru
In office
3 January 1999 – 10 October 1999
Preceded by Alberto Pandolfi
Succeeded by Alberto Bustamante
Personal details
Born (1945-03-10) March 10, 1945 (age 72)
Political party Cambio 90-Nueva Mayoría
Residence San Isidro, Peru
Religion Catholic

Víctor Dionicio Joy Way Rojas (born March 10, 1945) is a former Peruvian politician. Born in Huánuco, Joy Way was a member of both the Democratic Constitutional Congress and the Congress of the Republic. He was also the Prime Minister of Peru from January 1999 until December 1999. Under Mr. Joy Way’s presidency, the Peruvian Congress overcame important international conflicts, among them, the Definitive and Global Peace Agreement between Peru and Ecuador in 1998. This agreement put an end to more than 150 years of conflict on the Amazon’s borders. In 1997, Mr. Joy Way successfully participated in “Hostage-Rescue” process at the Japanese Embassy in Peru. In 2000, he was nominated as the “Entrepreneur of the Century “by the National University of Engineering in coordination with the Peruvian Confederation of Private Enterprises for his contribution to the development of the Nation.

During his political career, Mr. Joy Way has been honored with several Recognition's and Official con-decorations. In 1997, the President of the Peoples Republic of China, Mr. Jiang Zemin, referred to Mr. Joy Way as an“OLD FRIEND OF THE CHINESE PEOPLE“(Beijing). in 2008, He received the Grand Maestre of the Republic of Brazil granted by the President of Brazil, followed by, Grand Maestre of the Republic of Bolivia granted by the President of Bolivia. He was also honored with the highest Decoration of the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

An ardent supporter of Alberto Fujimori. After the resignation of President Fujimori in year 2000, Mr. Joy Way, as well as many other public supporters of his government, faced political and judicial impeachments led by the opposition party. On November 26, 2007, Joy Way was additionally found guilty of having participated in the overthrow of Constitutional rule that took place in 1992 and was sentenced to jail by the Supreme Court of Peru. After a lengthy process, he was finally acquitted of all the main charges. In 2008, Joy Way was acquitted of all charges brought upon him by the Peruvian government. He continues to live and operate as an international consultant in Peru.

Joy Way was the first Prime Minister of Peru of Chinese-Peruvian descent.


Political offices
Preceded by
Alberto Pandolfi
Prime Minister of Peru
Succeeded by
Alberto Bustamante Belaunde