Víctor M. Blanco Telescope

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Víctor M. Blanco Telescope
4m-Victor M. Blanco Telescope.jpg
Víctor M. Blanco Telescope
Organization NOAO
Location(s) Cerro Tololo, Chile
Coordinates 30°10′10.78″S 70°48′23.49″W / 30.1696611°S 70.8065250°W / -30.1696611; -70.8065250Coordinates: 30°10′10.78″S 70°48′23.49″W / 30.1696611°S 70.8065250°W / -30.1696611; -70.8065250
Altitude 2207m
Wavelength optical
Built 1974, completed 1976[1]
Telescope style reflector
Diameter 4.0m
Collecting area 10.014m2
Mounting equatorial, Ritchey-Chrétien
Website http://www.ctio.noao.edu/telescopes/4m/4m.html

The Víctor M. Blanco Telescope, also known as the Blanco 4m, is a 4m telescope located at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile. Commissioned in 1974 and completed in 1976, this telescope is similar to the Mayall 4m telescope located on Kitt Peak.[2][3][4] In 1995 it was dedicated and named in honour of Puerto Rican astronomer Víctor Manuel Blanco.[5]

The main research instrument used at the telescope is DECam (Dark Energy Camera), the camera of the Dark Energy Survey. DECam saw first light in September 2012.[6][7]

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