Víctor Trujillo

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Víctor Trujillo
Victor Trujillo.jpg
Trujillo in 2008
Pseudonym Brozo
Birth name Víctor Alberto Trujillo Matamoros
Born (1961-07-30) July 30, 1961 (age 54)
Mexico City, Mexico
Medium Television
Nationality Mexican
Years active 1987 - present
Genres Observational comedy, surreal humor, albur (Double Entendres)
Subject(s) self-deprecation, everyday life
Spouse Carolina Padilla [(Deceased)]
Relative(s) Rubén Trujillo (brother)
Notable works and roles Imevision:Tienda y trastienda, La Caravana
TV Azteca: Humorcito Corazón, El Diario de la Noche, Los Protagonistas (Olympic Games and World Cups)
CNI Canal 40: Las Nueve y Sereno
Televisa: El Mañanero, El Circo de Brozo, El Cristal con que se Mira, Notifiero
This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Trujillo and the second or maternal family name is Matamoros.

Víctor Alberto Trujillo Matamoros (born July 30, 1961), is a Mexican host, comedian and political commentator. He is best known for his character Brozo el Payaso Tenebroso (Brozo the Creepy Clown), a green-haired, unkempt, obscene and aggressive clown (an anti-clown).

Trujillo was born in Mexico City. In 1987, after appearing in a variety show called En tienda y trastienda (Front Store and behind the counter), Trujillo created a new program called La caravana (The caravan), alongside his Tienda y trastienda partner Ausencio Cruz. La caravana was a successful show with skits protagonized by characters created by Trujillo and Cruz, it was reminiscent of the years of comedy in carpas in México. It featured characters such as Estetoscopio Medina Cháirez, played by Trujillo, representing a low-class Mexican guy with a funny accent, who spoke ironically of the way of life of the poor; also, it was the first time that Brozo appeared on air, where Brozo told fairy tales in front of the camera, freely changing the story to fit raw city realities of crime and poverty in the Mexican ghetto, meant as teen and adult oriented entertainment. Trujillo later had a night show as another character, "La Beba Galván" and this time without his partner Ausencio Cruz.

Trujillo parted ways with TV Azteca and signed a contract with TV Azteca's main competitor Televisa, whereas Brozo, was host of his own news program called El Mañanero (the name means "something that occurs in the morning" as the show itself, although the word actually is an albur since so is called when someone has a "morning delight"), as an anchorman and political commentator. An obvious intelligent man behind the make-up of a clown, Victor Trujillo could criticize freely and poignantly the actors of the political scene (not very reputed among the general public), and soon his program reached high ratings and was attended by high-profile politicians trying to reach the public.

Brozo was an important part in the most damaging of all videoscandals affecting Mexico City mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as it was in his program a recording showing René Bejarano filling a portfolio with dollars given by entrepreneur Carlos Ahumada was publicly released, followed immediately by a studio interview with an unsuspecting Bejarano, who saw the video for the first time at the spot.

After the death of Carolina Padilla (both his wife and his program's producer), Trujillo cancelled El Mañanero. Some time later, he started a new, similar show called El cristal con que se mira (The crystal to look through), this time as himself. In 2005, Trujillo caused the downfall of PRI's presidential precandidate Arturo Montiel, when he announced as confirmed a current inquiry on Montiel's family and personal fortune. This inquiry was later denied by the government, but the damage was done and Montiel quit the presidential race a few days later.

After the cancellation of El Cristal..., Trujillo took a break and later resumed his career again as Brozo in another night show entitled El Circo de Brozo (Brozo's Circus). The program aired for a short period of time and then was cancelled. As of August 2009, Trujillo (as Brozo) has another night show called "El NotiFiero".

Other works[edit]

Trujillo as Brozo

Summer Olympic Games and Soccer World Cup

  • Victor Trujillo has always been invited to the media coverage of such important sports events to provide a comic relief in the form of sketches both for TV Azteca and Televisa.



  • Víctor Trujillo appears frequently (as himself) in special programs in Televisa, debating political affairs.


  • He recently wrote Cuentos Tenebrozos, a book that tells the "true story" of tales, fables, narcocorridos, and true stories.

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