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Vídeo Show with Tiago Fragoso and Juliana Baroni at the mini-competition Vídeo Game.

Vídeo Show is a long-running Brazilian TV program on Globo TV. From its debut in 1983 to 1994, the show aired weekly. Since then, it has been airing from Monday to Friday at 2:00 pm, following the lunchtime news, Jornal Hoje and being one of the most-watched afternoon shows. The show is now broadcast live.

This format is that of a daily "electronic magazine", where the network's backstages are shown, with on-set and behind-the-scenes footage on Globo's series and telenovelas, including bloopers, interviews with the actors, actresses, directors and authors, funny segments with scenes from the telenovelas, and old videos from the network's archives through Memoria Globo. Vídeo Show relaunched as a game show form on November 18, 2013 with the debut Zeca Camargo (former host of Fantástico) and with the current direction of Ricardo Waddington. However, in conjunction of Globo's 50th anniversary, Vídeo Show reverted to its original format and the studio audience have been removed. This relaunch marks the return of Miguel Falabella (the longest-serving presenter; 1987-2002), as one of the hosts and Cissa Guimarães, the show's reporter. Otaviano Costa became a permanent host and Monica Iozzi became Costa's co-host, replacing Zeca Camargo.

Currently hosted by Monica Iozzi, Otaviano Costa and Miguel Falabella. Initially, it was presented by Tássia Camargo in its inception, years later by Marcelo Tas (current member of CQC Brazil), the actors Miguel Falabella, André Marques, the host Angélica, Fernanda Lima and Ana Furtado. Lately, the program was shaped with reporters: Otaviano Costa, Marcela Monteiro and Dani Monteiro. This version presented a summary of current views and ancient views on TV.

At the end of the show (2001-2011), there is the "Vídeo Game" segment, consisting on a week-long game show hosted by Angélica, where actors, divided into two teams, must answer questions and complete funny tasks related to the network's current and/or past shows. The winner team is announced on Friday, and donates the prize to a charity of their choice.

The opening theme is based on "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough", by Michael Jackson. At the intro of the 1980s and also the 2000s, was played the instrumental version, arranged by Maynard Ferguson. Currently (even keeping the chords of the song) been created new arrangements for the following versions.

Vídeo Show Walk of Fame[edit]

"Vídeo Show Walk of Fame" is a framework that is part of the new format of Vídeo Show, where artists are invited to make their mark in a block of cement, following the same modes of ceremonies of TCL Chinese Theatre.

Each concrete block will be part of a future Hall of Fame, which will be located at the studios of Globo (Estúdios Globo) in the Rio de Janeiro.