Vórtice Marxista

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Vórtice Marxista
Vórtice Marxista.jpg
Studio album by Babasónicos
Released 1998
Recorded 1992-1996
Genre Rock
Label Bultaco Records
Producer Babasónicos
Babasónicos chronology
Vórtice Marxista

Vórtice Marxista (Marxist Vortex) is the first b-sides album by Argentine rock group Babasónicos. It consists of tracks that were left out of their first two albums: Pasto and Trance Zomba.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Larga Siesta" (Long Nap)
  2. "Fioritos"
  3. "Antonio Fargas"
  4. "La Muerte es Mujer" (Death is a Woman)
  5. "Chingolo Zenith"
  6. "Los Clonos de J.T." (The Clones of J.T.)
  7. "Forajidos de Siempre" (Usual Outlaws)
  8. "Cerebros en Su Tinta" (Brains in Their Ink)
  9. "Traicionero" (Treacherous)
  10. "Fórmica"
  11. "Bananeado" (Banana-ed)