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Sørvágur and the mountain Vørðufelli.

Vørðufelli is a mountain overlooking the village Sørvágur on the Faroe Islands. Its height is 284 metres above sea level.[1][2] It is situated between Húsadalur, Vága, Vatnsdalur, and close to Klovin.

The latter part of the name - felli - is Faroese for a small mountain. 'Vørða' is a phrase used by faroese regarding birdwatching. A 'Vørða' consists of five Puffins and since Vørðufelli is the fifth mountain on the northside of Sørvágsfirði that explains how the mountain got its name.


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Coordinates: 62°04′N 7°17′W / 62.067°N 7.283°W / 62.067; -7.283