Vărăncău, Transnistria

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Vărăncău (Romanian; Ukrainian: Воронково; Russian: Воронково, Voronkovo; location: 47°41'N 029°06'E) is a commune in Transnistria, Moldova, composed of three villages: Buschi (Буськи), Gherşunovca (Гершунівка) and Vărăncău. It is located 15 km SE of Râbniţa.

The village Vărăncău is the site of the Church of the Blessed Virgin's Assumption, a Christian Orthodox church, construction of which was completed in 1800. Since then, the church has been open and functioning, standing much as it did when it first opened its doors. It is the only church in Transnistria which was never closed during the Soviet times when all other churches had to close, holding therefore a special significance for the religious community in Transnistria.

Vărăncău also had a now-abandoned military airfield of the former Soviet Union. The 2,500-meters long runway has today been turned into farmland.[1]

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Coordinates: 47°41′N 29°06′E / 47.683°N 29.100°E / 47.683; 29.100