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V-Rally Coverart.png
European PlayStation cover art
Developer(s) Infogrames Multimedia
Eden Studios (Edition 99)
Velez & Dubail (Game Boy and Game Boy Color)
Publisher(s) PlayStation
Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Color & Nintendo 64 Game Boy
Ocean Software
Director(s) Stéphane Baudet
Designer(s) Stéphane Baudet
Series V-Rally
Platform(s) PlayStation, Windows, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color
Release PlayStation
  • EU: July 1997[2]
  • NA: September 30, 1997[1]
  • JP: January 8, 1998
Microsoft Windows
Edition '99
  • NA: August 31, 1999
  • EU: September 1999
Game Boy
Nintendo 64
  • EU: December 7, 1998
  • NA: August 31, 1999[3][4]
  • JP: October 14, 1999
Game Boy Color
  • EU: 1999
  • NA: June 1999
  • JP: October 14, 1999
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

V-Rally is a 1997 rally racing video game, developed and published by Infogrames Multimedia. for the PlayStation. The budget Platinum re-release of the PlayStation version added support for DualShock controllers. The game was a bestseller in the UK for 3 months.[5]


The game was released under different titles in each region. The original European PlayStation release was titled as V-Rally '97: Championship Edition, with its Platinum and Japanese versions being re-titled as V-Rally: Championship Edition. In North America this version was released as Need for Speed: V-Rally because Electronic Arts acquired the rights to publish the game in order to help sales, due to the fact that rally racing held little support in the USA. The first Windows release was known as V-Rally: Multiplayer Championship Edition and the later 1999 version as V-Rally" Edition '99 (the PC version only saw a release in Europe). The Nintendo 64 version was released under the V-Rally: Edition '99 name in all countries it was released in. The European Game Boy and Game Boy Color versions were released under the V-Rally: Championship Edition name and the American and Japanese GBC version as V-Rally: Edition '99.

Symbian UIQ version[edit]

There was a Symbian UIQ version designed for mobile phone such as Sony Ericsson P910/P900/P800.

It includes 11 configurable cars and 13 tracks of the 1997 FIA World Rally Championship season.

V-Rally: Edition '99[edit]

V-Rally: Edition '99, a Nintendo 64, PC port of the game, was released in 1999, offering slightly improved graphics and menus. Includes all cars and tracks of the 1998 FIA World Rally Championship.

Game Boy Color version[edit]

It includes 20 stages in 10 worldwide locations.


Unlike other rally games available at the time, such as Colin McRae Rally, V-Rally allowed two players to race directly against one another, rather than against the clock, in a split screen mode.

In both games, players can race in 10 locations. The game includes 11 official World Rally Championship cars from the 1997 World Rally Championship, with 4 from WRC and 7 from Formula 2 Kit Cars.


Review scores
Aggregate score

The Official PlayStation Magazine praised the graphics and the 2-player mode and said the game was "a huge game, by far the most comprehensive racer on this or any other platform since Psygnosis' F1", giving it 9/10.

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