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V: The New Mythology Suite
Studio album by Symphony X
Released October 10, 2000 (2000-10-10)
Recorded Trax East Recording Studio in South River, New Jersey; Mix-O-Lydian Recording Studio in Lafayette Township, New Jersey; The Dungeon
Genre Progressive metal, neoclassical metal
Length 62:41[1]
Label Inside Out
Producer Michael Romeo, Eric Rachel
Symphony X chronology
Prelude to the Millennium
(1999)Prelude to the Millennium1999
V: The New Mythology Suite
Live on the Edge of Forever
(2001)Live on the Edge of Forever2001

V: The New Mythology Suite is the fifth studio album by progressive metal band Symphony X, released on October 10, 2000 through Inside Out Music.[2] It is a concept album dealing with the story of Atlantis, ancient Egyptian mythology, and astrology.[3] The album is the band's first to feature its current and longest lineup, following the arrival of bassist Michael Lepond and the return of drummer Jason Rullo.


As well as being a heavier continuation of the band's established progressive metal style, V also includes a multitude of excerpts from classical composers, including Giuseppe Verdi's Messa da Requiem; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor; Johann Sebastian Bach's Concerto for Harpsichord in D minor, BWV 1052 and Cantata No. 188; and Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116, BB 123.

Symphony X's 1998 album Twilight in Olympus was released without a title track; instead, the unfinished compositions from those sessions were later re-worked and distributed in fragments throughout V,[4] particularly on the final track, "Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology". Guitarist Michael Romeo has since confirmed this: "About half of ['Rediscovery (Part II)'] is the song 'Twilight in Olympus', maybe a little more".[5]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[2]

Robert Taylor at AllMusic gave V: The New Mythology Suite three stars out of five, saying "As a whole, V: The New Mythology Suite works and proves that Symphony X has chosen to expand, rather than repeat, history in a genre that appeared to have peaked both creatively and technically." Particular attention was drawn to Michael Romeo's guitar playing style, with Taylor likening it to that of Yngwie Malmsteen, but remarking that it "has proved to be both a blessing and a curse for this gifted guitarist. His chops are certainly comparable, but his sound and style are often identical to his idol." He also criticized some of the music and themes as being "all too familiar", as well as singer Russell Allen's "macho vocal style."[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."Prelude"  1:07
2."Evolution (The Grand Design)"Michael Romeo, Russell Allen, Jason RulloRomeo, Michael Pinnella5:20
3."Fallen"Romeo, Allen, RulloRomeo, Pinnella, Michael Lepond, Rullo5:51
4."Transcendence (Segue)"(instrumental)Romeo0:38
5."Communion and the Oracle"Romeo, RulloRomeo, Pinnella7:45
6."The Bird-Serpent War / Cataclysm"Romeo, PinnellaRomeo, Pinnella4:02
7."On the Breath of Poseidon (Segue)"(instrumental)Romeo3:01
8."Egypt"Romeo, Allen, RulloRomeo, Pinnella, Lepond7:04
9."The Death of Balance / Lacrymosa"(instrumental)Romeo, Rullo3:42
10."Absence of Light"Romeo, AllenRomeo, Pinnella4:58
11."A Fool's Paradise"Allen, PinnellaRomeo, Pinnella5:48
12."Rediscovery (Segue)"(instrumental)Romeo, Pinnella1:24
13."Rediscovery (Part II) - The New Mythology"Romeo, Pinnella, AllenRomeo, Pinnella, Rullo12:01
Total length:62:41



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