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1st gen: Erika Miyoshi, Rika Ishikawa, Yui Okada
Background information
Also known as Biyuuden, Viyuden, Biyuden
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Pop
Years active 2004–2008
2009–2011; 2013 (as Zoku v-u-den)
Labels Piccolo Town
Associated acts Morning Musume, H.P. All Stars, Berryz Kobo
Website Hello! Project.com
Past members Rika Ishikawa
Erika Miyoshi
Yui Okada
Sayumi Michishige
Risako Sugaya

v-u-den (美勇伝, Biyūden) (also romanized Biyuuden, Viyuden, or Biyuden) was a Japanese pop group within Hello! Project. The group was formed in August 2004 and consists of members Rika Ishikawa (Morning Musume), Erika Miyoshi, and Yui Okada, with Ishikawa being the leader. The name means: beauty (, bi), bravery (, ), and legend (, den). The group officially disbanded on June 29, 2008 after their last concert during their v-u-densetsu 5 tour.[1][2]

In June 2009, v-u-den was revived as Zoku v-u-den, consisting of Sayumi Michishige, Risako Sugaya and Junjun and released a new song, "ONLY YOU", on a Hello! Project compilation and continued activities until 2011, though Zoku v-u-den briefly appeared during a Hello! Project concert in early 2013 alongside Rika Ishikawa.


It was announced in 2009 that v-u-den would be revived with a new line-up, and the new group was named Zoku·v-u-den. The three new members were Sayumi Michishige and Junjun (both Morning Musume) and Risako Sugaya (Berryz Kobo). The group released only one song, "Only You", on the compilation album Champloo 1: Happy Marriage Cover Song Shū before returning to an indefinite hiatus. Junjun graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project on December 15, 2010, effectively leaving the group. Zoku v-u-den proceeded as a duo and appeared in Hello! Project's winter 2011 concert tour. Zoku v-u-den's activities ceased in 2011 along with the other Champuru shuffle units.

In 2013, Zoku v-u-den reappeared with Rika Ishikawa to perform "Koisuru Angel Heart" as Rika Ishikawa with Zoku v-u-den.


First Generation[edit]

Second Generation: Zoku v-u-den[edit]


Albums (first generation)[edit]

# Title Release date
1 Suiteroom Number 1 (スイートルームナンバー1) October 26, 2005
v-u-den Single Best 9 Vol.1 Omaketsuki (美勇伝シングルベスト9 Vol.1おまけつき) November 21, 2007

Singles (first generation)[edit]

# Title Release date Details
1 "Koi no Nukegara"
(恋のヌケガラ, Cast-Off Love)
September 23, 2004
2 "Kacchoiize! Japan"
(カッチョイイゼ! Japan, Very Cool! Japan)
May 2, 2005 Yokoso! Japan campaign song
3 "Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari"
(紫陽花アイ愛物語, Hydrangea Love Story)
May 25, 2005 Opening theme of the Kids Station anime "Patalliro Saiyuuki"
4 "Hitorijime"
(ひとりじめ, All By Myself)
August 10, 2005
5 "Kurenai no Kisetsu"
(クレナイの季節, Crimson Season)
October 5, 2005
6 "Issai Gassai Anata ni Ageru"
(一切合切あなたに𝄞あ・げ・る♪, I'll Give Any and Every Thing to You)
May 10, 2006
7 "Aisu Cream to My Pudding"
(愛すクリ~ムとMyプリン, Love Cream and My Pudding *)
November 22, 2006
8 "Koisuru Angel Heart"
(恋する♡エンジェル♡ハート, Loving Angel Heart)
May 23, 2007
9 "Jaja Uma Paradise"
(じゃじゃ馬パラダイス, Unmanageable Girl Paradise)
September 26, 2007
10 "Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You"
(なんにも言わずに I LOVE YOU, Without Saying A Word, I Love You)
April 23, 2008 Cover of Morning Musume song from 4th Ikimasshoi!

* Though the romanization of this song would imply the translation would be "Ice Cream and My Pudding", "Aisu" is written with the kanji "Ai ()" for "love", thus making it "Love Cream and My Pudding". Also, in the PV for the song, there is a two-second screen that translates it as "Ice Cream and My Pudding", therefore it is a play on words.

Singles (second generation)[edit]

# Title Release date Details
1 "Only You"
July 15, 2009 A cover of BOØWY's "ONLY YOU"
  • "ONLY YOU" is released on the compilation "Champloo 1 ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~ (チャンプル1 ~ハッピーマリッジソングカバー集~)


# Title Release date
1 Single V Koi no Nukegara (シングルV・恋のヌケガラ) October 6, 2004
2 Single V Kacchoiize! Japan (シングルV・カッチョイイゼ! Japan) March 9, 2005
3 Single V Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari (シングルV・紫陽花アイ愛物語) June 8, 2005
4 v-u-den First Concert Tour 2005 Haru ~v-u-densetsu~ June 8, 2005
5 Single V Hitorijime (シングルV・ひとりじめ) August 24, 2005
6 Single V Kurenai no Kisetsu (シングルV・クレナイの季節) October 13, 2005
7 v-u-den Concert Tour 2005 Aki v-u-densetsu II ~Kurenai no Kisetsu~ February 15, 2006
8 Single V Issai Gassai Anata ni Ageru (シングルV・一切合切 あなたに∮あ・げ・る♪) May 24, 2006
9 Single V Aisu Cream to My Purin (シングルV・愛すクリ〜ムとMyプリン) December 6, 2006
10 v-u-den Live Tour 2006 Aki v-u-densetsu III ~Aisu Cream to My Purin~ March 7, 2007
11 Single V Koisuru Angel Heart (シングルV・恋する♡エンジェル♡ハート) May 30, 2007
12 v-u-den Concert Tour 2007 Shoka v-u-densetsu IV ~Usagi to Tenshi~ August 8, 2007
13 Single V Jaja Uma Paradise (シングルV・じゃじゃ馬パラダイス) October 10, 2007


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