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Manufacturer VTech
Type Educational
Generation Seventh generation era
Media CD-ROM
CPU ARM9 from LSI Logic
Storage Memory card
Controller input Joystick
Predecessor V.Smile

V.Flash (also known as V.Smile Pro in Europe) is a spinoff from the Vtech V.Smile series of educational game consoles. Unlike the V.Smile, this game console uses 3D graphics and is designed for kids aged 5+.


  • Bratz Fashion Pixiez: The Secret Necklace
  • Cars: In the Fast Lane
  • Disney Princess: The Crystal Ball Adventure
  • The Incredibles: Mission Incredible
  • Scooby-Doo!: Ancient Adventure
  • Shrek the Third: The Search for Arthur
  • The Amazing Spider-Man: Countdown to Doom
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Idea Sponge
  • Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island


Unlike most other CD-ROM-based consoles, this system uses 12 cm CDs enclosed with plastic to protect damage from touching, which is somewhat similar to 3.5" floppy disks or UMDs. The discs use the ISO 9660[1] file system, without any copy protection mechanism other than a simple sensor in the case jacket, making it possible to make a disc image out of the media, although there hasn't been any known cases of piracy involving the V.Flash. Because of this, the V.Flash can also play audio CDs and user-recorded CD-Rs using the supplied disc adapter.

Other hardware[edit]

The processor is an ARM9 processor from LSI Logic. Files are stored in 3 main formats: .mjp, .ptx, and .snd. The latter have been determined to be PCM WAV files.

Rated at 1.5 million polygons per second and with a 32 bit CPU, this system is directly comparable to the fifth generation game consoles, such as the PlayStation, which also sports 128mBit SDRAM.

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