V.I.P. Cup

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V.I.P. Cup
Award details
Sport Ice hockey
Given for Australian Ice Hockey League team with the most points in the regular season
First award 2004[1]
Most recent None (Retired trophy)

The V.I.P. Cup is a retired trophy that was awarded to the minor premiers of each season in the Australian Ice Hockey League from 2004 to 2009; that is, the team that finishes first overall in the standings at the end of the regular season. The trophy is named for its sponsor, V.I.P. Home Services.

The last winners of the trophy are the Newcastle North Stars, who finished at the top of the standings in the 2009 AIHL season, but lost the grand final against the Adelaide Adrenaline. Since its inception in 2004, the V.I.P. Cup winner has never managed to claim the Goodall Cup in the corresponding playoff series.

The V.I.P. Cup was replaced for the 2010 season with the H Newman Reid Trophy, which was awarded to the Newcastle North Stars.[2]


Year Winner Points Playoff result
2004 Newcastle North Stars 51 Lost in Goodall Cup final (West Sydney Ice Dogs)
2005 Adelaide Avalanche 60 Lost in Goodall Cup final (Newcastle North Stars)
2006 Melbourne Ice 65 Lost semi-final (Newcastle North Stars)
2007 Adelaide Avalanche 56 Lost semi-final (Bears)
2008 Bears 61 Lost semi-final (Newcastle North Stars)
2009 Newcastle North Stars 55 Lost Goodall Cup final (Adelaide Adrenaline)

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