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Vladimir Petrovich Filatov (Russian: Владимир Филaтoв, 15 [O.S. 27] February 1875, Mikhaylovka, Penza Governorate, Russian Empire - 30 October 1956, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR) was a Russian and Ukrainian ophthalmologist and surgeon best known for his development of tissue therapy. He introduced the tube flap grafting method, corneal transplantation and preservation of grafts from cadaver eyes. He founded The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases & Tissue Therapy in Odessa, Ukraine. Filatov is also credited for restoring Vasily Zaytsev's sight when he suffered an injury to his eyes from a mortar attack during Battle of Stalingrad.

First corneal transplantation was attempted by Filatov on 28 February 1912, but the graft grew opaque. After numerous attempts over the course of many years, Filatov achieved a successful transplantation of cornea from a diseased person on 6 May 1931.[1]

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  • Ramon Castroviejo - a Spanish contemporary of Filatov that was also a pioneer in corneal transplantation.
  • David Bushmich - an ophthalmologist under Filatov, worked closely with Dr. Poochkovskaya.


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