V. T. Patil

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V. T. Patil
MP-Loksabha; founder- Tararani Vidyapeeth, Kolhapur
In office
Constituency Western Maharashtra - Kolhapur.
Personal details
Born 31 July 1900
Shigaon, Bombay Presidency, British India
Political party Indian National Congress
Residence Kolhapur

V. T. Patil (born 31 July 1900 - death unknown) was an education reformer and politician who represented Kolhapur as a Member of Parliament in the 3rd Lok Sabha that sat between 1962 and 1967. His interest in development of education in Kolhapur — a town in Maharashtra, India — is reflected in the various institutions that he either founded or was involved in founding.


Patil was born in Shigaon, Sangli district, Bombay Presidency, British India on 31 July 1900. He graduated from the University of Bombay with a degree in law and between 1930-1950 he had a legal practice in Kolhapur.[1]

Rural education[edit]

Patil had an interest in developing rural and women's education in Kolhapur. He was involved in the establishment of Tararani Vidyapeeth's Junior College of Education,[2] and was a co-founder of Shri Mouni Vidyapeeth.[3] In addition, he founded Kamala College[1] and helped to establish Shivraj College of Arts & Commerce.[4]

Member of Parliament[edit]

Patil was elected a Member of Parliament for the third Lok Sabha in 1962. He represented the Kolhapur constituency as a member of the Indian National Congress.[citation needed]