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V/Vm Test records is a record label based in Stockport, England and was started by James Kirby (V/Vm) and Andrew Macgregor (Jansky Noise, Animal) in 1996. It does not have an overseas division, so releases on it tend to be collectable outside of the United Kingdom.

The label releases artists works from a wide variety of genres including noise, soundscape, breakcore, mashup and many more that don't fit comfortably into any genre.

V/Vm Test Records are notable for their rebellious approach, often in the face of blatant copyright infringement, most notable are the artists V/Vm themselves, often taking a popular song and running it through various filters the end result being a de-tuned and distorted version of the original. The Sick Love album contains several notable examples of this style, as well as the frequent references to Pigs that colour most V/Vm releases.

Notable acts on V/Vm Test have included: Jega, Kid606, Hellinterface (Boards of Canada), Kevin Blechdom, Goodiepal, Knifehandchop and Datach'i.

V/Vm Test has been instrumental in giving away free and unrestricted downloads since 1997 on his website and via various V/Vm Test associated Microsites. In 2006 V/Vm set up an addition label, Vukzid and also a number of extra microsites which gave away free audio and visual content along with working on a unique daily project which saw the artist V/Vm record at least one piece of audio per day which was then uploaded and given away for free (for the whole of 2006).

In 2007 V/Vm Test also launched the Freenoise Archives which has over 3GB of out of print noise releases available for free download via a microsite.

Currently James Kirby runs the label from his base in Berlin.

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