V2 Institute for the Unstable Media

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V2 Lab Building on Eendrachtsstraat in Rotterdam

V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, founded in 1981, is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.[1]

V2- presents, produces, archives and publishes about art made with new technologies and encourages the debate on these issues. It offers a platform where artists, scientists, developers of software and hardware, researchers and theorists from various disciplines can share their findings.

It was the main organizer of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, which grew out of the Manifestations for the Unstable Media that V2_ organized since 1987.[2]

Over the years V2_ has collaborated with many artists and theorists, including for instance: Stelarc,[3] Orlan,[4] Symbiotica,[5] Dick Raaymakers, Michel Waisvisz, Francisco López, Brian Massumi, Manuel de Landa, Paul Virilio, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Knowbotic Research, Achille Mbembe, and Rem Koolhaas.[6]

Events and Residencies[edit]

V2_ has organized many residencies for emerging artists in the field of art & technology, a.o. through the Summer Sessions.


V2_ has published a number of books on interactive art and related subjects like sociology, media theory, biology, and technological innovation.

  • Book for the Unstable Media, 1992
  • Interfacing Realities, 1997
  • TechnoMorphica, 1997
  • The Art of the Accident, 1998
  • Machine Times, 2000
  • Book for the Electronic Arts, 2000
  • TransUrbanism, 2002
  • My First Recession, 2003
  • Making Art of Databases, 2003
  • Information Is Alive, 2003
  • Feelings Are Always Local, 2004
  • Understanding Media Theory, 2004
  • aRt&D, 2005
  • Interact or Die!, 2007
  • Dick Raaijmakers, Monografie, 2008
  • The Architecture of Continuity, 2008
  • The Politics of the Impure, 2010
  • The Sympathy of Things, 2011
  • Vital Beauty, 2012
  • Iedereen Een Kunstenaar, 2014
  • Een Stuk Van Mij Gaat Een Paar Keer, 2014
  • Giving and Taking, 2014
  • On the Threshold of Beauty, 2014
  • The War Of Appearances: Transparency, Opacity, Radiance, 2016
  • Wat Is Community Art?, 2016
  • Machines Will Make Better Choices Than Humans, 2016
  • Everyone Is An Artist, 2016
  • To Mind is to Care, 2016
  • 40 Years of V2_, 2021
  • Sandra Trienekens: Participatieve kunst, 2021
  • Marije Baalman: Composing Interactions, 2022
  • Achille Mbemble: The Earthly Community, 2022


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