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v6 is a module for the Perl programming language which runs under Perl version 5, and transforms Perl 6 code into Perl 5 code on the fly. To quote the release notes:

In summary: Perl 5 is now a first-class virtual machine for Pugs, and in this journey toward self-hosting, we will share as much common structure as possible between the Perl 5, Haskell, and the Parrot runtimes. [1]


v6 has many parts, divided into a stack of services which can be used to write Perl 6 code directly, or to implement Perl 6 features in Perl 5 programs.


Moose and other modules such as Class::MOP provide a low-level emulation of Perl 6's object model and meta-object protocol. This object model can be used directly or through v6.


Pugs::Grammar::Rule provides access to Perl 6's "rules", which are a superset of classic regex functionality which allow the development of entire grammars.


Data::Bind provides the parameter binding features of Perl 6, including named parameters.


Module::Compile is like a source-filter, but is safer for real-world code development. It is this module which allows v6 to parse Perl 6 code and directly translate it into Perl 5 code which is then executed.


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