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VALO-CD logo
Stable release
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows

VALO-CD, a distribution of open-source software on a CD for Microsoft Windows, aims to spread knowledge and the use of open-source software.[1]

VALO-CD originates from Finland, and was originally available only in Finnish. Since version 7, an international version of VALO-CD has also been available in English.[2]

The acronym VALO means "Free/Libre Open-Source Software" in Finnish. Valo is also a Finnish word that means "light".[3] Therefore the name of the project has a connotation of bringing enlightenment. The Finnish version of VALO-CD had the special goal of concentrating on completely localized open-source software.

The project started in 2008, and aims to support technological and economic development in Finland.[4]


Version 8 of VALO-CD includes the following software:

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