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Electronic Attack Squadron 131
VAQ-131 insignia.png
VAQ-131 insignia
Active 1946
Country  United States of America
Branch United States Navy Seal United States Navy
Role Airborne Electronic Attack
Part of Commander Electronic Attack Wing Pacific
Garrison/HQ Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Nickname Lancers
Commander D. B. Fields

Electronic Attack Squadron 131 (VAQ-131), also known as the "Lancers", is a United States Navy airborne electronic attack squadron based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Part of Commander, Electronic Attack Wing Pacific, the Lancers are currently undergoing transition to the EA-18G Growler. Following transition, the Lancers will join Carrier Air Wing 8 to deploy aboard the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77).[1] Their radio callsign is "Skybolt".


VAQ-131 was originally commissioned as Patrol Squadron 931 (VP-931). From 1946 through 1955, VP-931 flew the P2V Neptune. In 1956, the squadron transitioned to the A-3 Skywarrior and was redesignated as Heavy Attack Squadron 4 (VAH-4). Then in November 1968, VAH-4 received the EKA-3 version of the Skywarrior and was redesignated as Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 131 (VAQ-131). In 1971, the Lancers became the second squadron in the U.S. Navy to receive the Standard version of the EA-6B Prowler. The Lancers tansitioned to the Expanded Capability (EXCAP) version of the Prowler in 1976, to the Improved Capablility (ICAP) Prowler in 1978, and to the ICAP II Prowler in 1984.[2] In May of 2014, the Lancers began their transition to the Boeing EA-18G Growler.


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