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VAV Life Sciences Private Limited
FounderArun Kedia
Mumbai, India

VAV Life Sciences Private Limited is an Indian company dealing with healthcare ingredients including lecithin and phospholipids, with products having application in the nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and drug delivery markets.


Located with research and manufacturing facilities in Mirjole, (Ratnagiri district) in Maharashtra.[1] In the pharmaceutical segment, VAV Life Sciences’ presence straddles four main therapeutic areas—hepatology, neurology, cardiovascular and oncology.[2] The c-GMP compliant Ratnagiri plant, is equipped to produce lecithin and phospholipids for functional foods, nutritional supplements, novel pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.[3][4]

VAV Life Sciences wins the Business Today SME award 2013 under the Innovation category.

VAV Life Sciences' was rated C2 (2010) & MSME2 (2014) by SMERA, India's first rating agency for SME segment and is a member of International Lecithin & Phospholipid Society, CHEMEXCIL, Federation of Indian Export Organisations, Phospholipid Research Centre and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.[5] VAV Life Sciences' employs biotechnologists, chemists, microbiologists, engineers, finance/legal/marketing analysts and general administrators.


VAV Life Sciences focuses on research in the field of nanotechnology based lipidic drug delivery.[6] VAV Life Sciences' contributes materials for research projects[7][8][9] and patents,[10] globally.[11]


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