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Private company
Industry Biopharmaceutical
Founded 2003 (2003)
Founder Arun Kedia
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Key people
Arun Kedia, Chairman & MD
Products Pharmaceuticals, Phospholipids, Lecithins

VAV Life Sciences Private Limited is an Indian company producing healthcare ingredients including lecithin and phospholipids, with products serving the food, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and drug delivery markets. In recognition of EYOVA hair Nutrient, it was awarded India's Best SME Innovation Award 2013 by Yes Bank & Business Today (business magazine).[1] The company was also features in India's list of leading SMEs of India 2014 & was a Business Excellence awardee by Dun & Bradstreet in 2015.,[2][3]

As a matter of company policy, VAV only offers lecithins from non-genetically modified (non-GMO) sources. Within pharmaceuticals, the company also offers generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a particular focus on cytotoxic drugs for oncology and permethrin for topical medicine.

Refined phospholipids derived from soyabean, milk and egg are used for liposomal drug delivery of topical,[4] oral, transdermal and parenteral medicines. They find increasing usage in nanomedicine like oncology and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) due to their ability to target specific cells.[5]

Located with research and manufacturing facilities in Mirjole, (Ratnagiri district) in Maharashtra, VAV Life Sciences along with its subsidiary VAV Lipids P. Ltd., serves the global market with 90% of its sales outside India. In the pharmaceutical segment, VAV Life Sciences’ presence straddles four main therapeutic areas—hepatology, neurology, cardiovascular and oncology. The company also built in 2017[6], a new plant for pharmaceutical grade phospholipids at Ratnagiri, a coastal town of western India.[7]

VAV Life Sciences' brands include LIPOVA for egg lecithins, LECIVA[8][9] for Soya Lecithins, OLEOVA[10] for egg oil[11] and EYOVA[12] for a consumer hair nutrient.

VAV Life Sciences' was rated C2 (2010) & MSME2 (2014) by SMERA,[13] India's first rating agency for SME segment and is a member of International Lecithin & Phospholipid Society,[14] CHEMEXCIL,[15] Federation of Indian Export Organisations,[16] Phospholipid Research Centre[17] and the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce.[18]

VAV Life Sciences' employs biotechnologists, chemists, microbiologists, engineers, finance/legal/marketing analysts and general administrators. Around 6% of its employees have PhD degrees, 32% have a master's degree, and 41% are graduates.


VAV Life Sciences' production and research facility in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra focuses on nanotechnology based lipidic drug delivery. It actively collaborates with and supports universities to make courses more industry oriented and in their research projects related to targeted drug delivery,[19] liposomes[20] and nanoparticles for crossing the blood–brain barrier. VAV Life Sciences' contributes materials for research projects[21][22][23] and patents,[24][25] globally.

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Phospholipid products[edit]

VAV produces phospholipids from soyabean and egg which are primarily used in lipidic nanotechnology based drug delivery systems.[26]

Egg Derived[edit]

LIPOVA-E120: Purified Egg lecithin conforming to United States pharmacopoeia for nasal delivery,[27] injectable drug delivery in parenteral emulsions[28] or liposomes for treatment of schizophrenia.[29]

LIPOVA-E100: Combination of egg lecithin with egg proteins, devoid of cholesterol or triglycerides. Nutritional supplement in either capsule, tablet or beverage formulations. May also be used to make infant formulas in combination with omega-3 fatty acids.[30]

LIPOVA-E110: Combination of egg lecithin, triglycerides and cholesterol, devoid of proteins. Contains the essential omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid. Ingredient for infant formulas.[31]

LIPOVA-E200: Egg protein concentrate (67% protein content) devoid of fat or cholesterol. Suitable for nutritional supplements intended to build muscle mass such as sports nutrition, weight gain formulas etc.

Soya Derived[edit]

LECIVA-S35: Soya lecithin of non-genetic modification origin, with triglycerides for nutritional supplementation, also known conventionally as "triple strength lecithin". Suitable for soft gelatine encapsulation or liquid filled hard-shell capsules.

LECIVA-S70: Pure phospholipid fraction of soya lecithin for oral as well as topical liposomal formulations like ketoconazole[32] and flucanazole.[33] Phospholipids are used in formulation of honey based topical microemulsion of Clotrimazole for treating Dermatomycosis.[34] Phospholipid cream with Phyllanthus emblica (amla) extract, is used as an antioxidant cosmetic formulation for photoprotection.[35] A novel anti-aging cream composed of phospholipids, Citrus auranticum (orange) and Glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice) is used for effective cutaneous delivery of anti-oxidants.[36] It is used for nutritional supplementation and improving bio-availability of natural extracts.[37] Rutin trihydrate, a powerful antioxidant entrapped in Phospholipids, when administered tropically exhibits enhance protection against degenerative effects such as photoaging, sunburn, photocarcinogenesis etc.[38]

LECIVA-S70H: Fully saturated, pure phospholipid fraction of soya lecithin for topical liposomal formulations in the area of cosmetics & pharmaceuticals. Saturated phospholipids offer better oxidative stability and a higher phase transition temperature.

LECIVA-S90: Highly purified, phosphatidylcholine enriched fraction of soya lecithin for liposomal formulations and targeted drug delivery (nanotechnology). Also used in drug eluting balloon catheters.[39]


LECIVA-DPPC: Pure Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine for liposomal formulations and targeted drug delivery (nanotechnology).

LECIVA-DSPC: Pure Distearoylphosphatidylcholine for liposomal formulations and targeted drug delivery (nanotechnology).

Neutral lipid products[edit]

VAV produces neutral lipids from egg which are primarily used in topical medicine and cosmetics.

OLEOVA: Pure Egg oil used for cosmetic (hair care, skin care[40]) and pharmaceutical[41] (burns, wounds, anti-acne) formulations.

EYOVA: Hair nutrient[42] formulated with Egg oil retarding hair fall and graying.

Cholesterol: Used to stabilize liposomes and in topical formulations as a penetration enhancer.


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