VB Berapi LP06

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VB Berapi LP06
Type Bullpup assault rifle
Place of origin  Malaysia
Production history
Designer Viktor Prykhodko
Designed 2006
Manufacturer Vita Berapi
Variants Prototype
Length 587 mm
Barrel length 400 mm

Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO
Caliber 5.56mm
Maximum firing range 600 m[1]
Feed system 30-round detachable box magazine
Sights Iron sight / Optical sight

The VB Berapi LP06 is the first assault rifle designed and manufactured by Malaysia, and is not related to any previously licensed assault rifles made by VB Berapi. The LP06 is a bullpup assault rifle. It is chambered in the 5.56×45mm NATO round and is fed from a 30-round magazine. Hisham Abd Majid, the director of Vita Berapi in 2006, said that the rifle is designed by Viktor Prykhodko (Russian: Виктор Приходько), a Russian residing in Malaysia.[citation needed]

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