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VCON is a fan run fantasy, gaming, and science fiction convention held annually in the metro Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. It has been hosted by the West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) since 1993,[1] and by the Western Canadian Science Fiction Convention Committee Association (WCSFCCA) before that.


VCON is the oldest fan run science fiction convention across Canada and in the Pacific Northwest, spawning other fan run conventions in these regions (especially the Pacific Northwest) including Norwescon, OryCon, Con-Version and KeyCon. The first "VCON" (which was actually called the Vancouver SF Convention) was held April 9 and 10, 1971 at the Hotel Georgia in Vancouver. Its sponsoring organisations included the University of British Columbia Science Fiction Society (UBC SFFEN), the B.C. Science Fiction Association (an offshoot of the UBC club) and the Simon Fraser University Science Fiction Society (SF3).[1]

Although 2011 was the 40th anniversary of the first VCON event, the event held in that year was VCON 37. This oddity in numbering occurred as a result of two things:

  1. For several years in the mid-90's no official VCON event was held (though it was sometimes replaced by another WCSFA sponsored event without the VCON name, such as "The Science of Murder" in 1994 and "The Science of Survival" in 1995),
  2. Due to various time and resource constraints there were two VCON events that were deliberately organized to be smaller and more intimate and which were given the "half numbers" of 18.5 and 19.5.

VCON has hosted Canvention, Canada's national science fiction convention several times: VCON 14/Canvention 6 in 1986, VCON 26/Canvention 21 in 2001, VCON 32/Canvention 27 in 2007, and VCON 39/Canvention 34 in 2014. VCON has also hosted two Westercon, the travelling science fiction convention for Western North America, with Westercon 30/VCON 7 in 1977 and Westercon 44/VCON 19 in 1991.


For 2018, VCON (42) is being held the weekend of October 5-7, due to a venue change (Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel). At present VCON is traditionally held on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend which, as the observed Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is the second Monday in October. The registration desk and the member hospitality room opens at noon on Friday, with programming starting in the mid afternoon, and the event continues until early Sunday evening.


At VCON the Elron Awards for most dubious "achievements" in science fiction are presented, often with selected passages from the offending winners publicly read to the delight of attendees. R. Graeme Cameron, president of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association (BCSFA), has stated publicly that the name "Elron" is not an allusion to science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. The awards are reported each year in the BCSFA's science fiction fanzine BCSFAzine.

Another VCON tradition is the Turkey Readings, during which panelists read selections from the worst published science fiction and fantasy books that the group has been able to collect. At the same time, volunteers from the audience act out the story being read, and artists make a poster inspired by the story (and the actors.) After the first 30 seconds, audience members can bid to make the reading stop, but other audience members can bid higher for the reading to continue. The bids must be deposited in cash in order to be counted. The reading continues until there are no more bids to make it continue. After the Turkey Readings, the "art" is auctioned off. The funds raised go to CUFF, the Canadian Unity Fan Fund.

VCON has been host to the Aurora Awards ceremony multiple times, including for the years 1981, 1986, 2001, 2007, and 2014.

Guests of Honour[edit]

VCON Guests of Honour
Last Name First Name Guest Type VCON # VCON Date More Info
Abbey Lynn GoH 26 (Canvention 21) Lynn Abbey
Ackerman Forrest J Fan GoH 15 Forrest J Ackerman
Alexander Rob Artist GoH 20
Anderson Jamie Supermarionation GoH 41 Twitter: @ImJamieAnderson
Armstrong Kelley Author GoH 33 Kelley Armstrong
Barr Donna Artist GoH 17 Donna Barr
Beagle Peter S. Author GoH 32 Peter S. Beagle
Benford Gregory Science GoH 37 Gregory Benford
Berry John D. GoH 13
Betz Al "Mr. Science" Toastmaster
Fan GoH
26 (Canvention 21)
Beveridge James Artist GoH 35
Bigelow Betty Fan GoH
Costuming GoH
26 (Canvention 21)
Bigelow David Costuming GoH 26 (Canvention 21)
Blaylock James P. Author GoH 27 James P. Blaylock
Bloch Robert Author GoH 13 Robert Bloch
Bova Ben Author GoH 10 Ben Bova
Brom Gerald Artist GoH 27 Gerald Brom
Brust Steven Author GoH 22 Steven Brust
Byrne John Author GoH 8 John Byrne (comics)
Cameron R. Graeme Toastmaster
Fan GoH
Polar Borealis Magazine (Editor);;
Carr Terry GoH 5 1976-05-21 Terry Carr
Charish Kristi Author GoH 41.5 Kristi Charish, Author
Cherryh C.J. Author GoH 19 (Westercon 44) C. J. Cherryh
Choi Eric Editor GoH 40 Eric Choi: Aerospace Engineer, Award-Winning Writer and Editor
Chu Eric Film Design GoH 41
Clement Hal Author GoH 16 Hal Clement
Coney Michael Toastmaster 20 Michael Coney
Cook Monte Game Design Special Guest 27 Monte Cook
Cramer John G. Science GoH 16 John G. Cramer
Crispin A.C. Author GoH 24 A.C. Crispin
Dale Heather Music GoH 35 Heather Dale
de Lint Charles Author GoH 20 Charles de Lint
DeBrandt Don Author GoH 19.5 Don DeBrandt
Delany Samuel R. Author GoH 12 Samuel R. Delany
Desjardins Shane GoH 25
deSouza Lar Webcomic GoH 34 Lar deSouza
Dick Philip K. GoH 2 1972-02-19 Philip K. Dick
Dockrey Michelle "vixy" Music GoH 32
Dorsey Candas Jane Canvention GoH 26 (Canvention 21) Candas Jane Dorsey
Duncan Dave Author GoH
Author GoH
Dave Duncan (writer)
Duncan Melissa Mary Canvention Artist GoH 39 (Canvention 34) Faye: The Art of Melissa Mary Duncan
Dyson George Science GoH 26 (Canvention 21) George Dyson (science historian)
Ernest James Gaming GoH
Game Design Special Guest
26 (Canvention 21)
James Ernest
Fabris Tony Music GoH 32
Fahnestalk Lynne Taylor Artist GoH 30
Fahnestalk Steve Toastmaster
19 (Westercon 44)
Finkbiner Beth GoH 14 (Canvention 6)
Finkbiner Mike GoH 14 (Canvention 6)
Forty Steve Fan GoH 40
Friesner Esther Author GoH 28 Esther Friesner
Gajdecki John Media GoH 27 Gajdecki Visual Effects
Gerrold David Author GoH 23 David Gerrold
Gibson William Author GoH
Fan GoH
19 (Westercon 44)
William Gibson
Giguère Georges GoH 11
Green Nancie Artist GoH 41.5 Nancie Green: Digital Artist
Greenwood Ed Game Design GoH 40 Ed Greenwood
Gustafson Jon Author GoH 9
Haber Karen Author GoH 30 Karen Haber
Haldeman Joe Author GoH 40 Joe_Haldeman
Hambly Barbara Author GoH 30 Barbara Hambly
Hiebner Constantine GoH 18.5
Hendricks Aaron Podcasting Special Guest 34 GeeksOn Podcast
Heard Bruce Game Design GoH 39 (Canvention 34) Bruce Heard
Herbert Frank GoH
Frank Herbert
Hogan James P. Author GoH 16 James P. Hogan (writer)
Hopkinson Nalo Author GoH 28 Nalo Hopkinson
Howes Katherine GoH 14 (Canvention 6)
Huff Tanya Author GoH 33 Tanya Huff
Hughes Matt Author GoH 32 Matt Hughes (writer)
Hunt Tarol Canvention Author GoH 39 (Canvention 34) Goblins (webcomic)
Hyde Stan Artist GoH
Godzilla Fan GoH
Jackson Michael Media GoH 23 Michael Jackson (actor)
Jackson Steve Gaming GoH 19 (Westercon 44) Steve Jackson (US game designer)
Johanson Karl Editor GoH 41 Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Johanson Stephanie Art Director GoH 41 Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine
Kare Jordin Science GoH 28 Jordin Kare
Kaufmann Jerry GoH 19 (Westercon 44)
Kernaghan Eileen Special Guest
Author GoH
14 (Canvention 6)
Eileen Kernaghan
Kleinbergen Adrian Artist GoH 28 Adrian Kleinbergen
Lafferty Mur Author/Podcasting GoH 38 Mur Lafferty
Lassek Lisa Media GoH 36 Lisa Lassek
Le Guin Ursula K. GoH 1
Ursula K. Le Guin
Lockwood Todd Artist GoH
Special Guest
Todd Lockwood
Lynn Elizabeth A. Author GoH 18 Elizabeth A. Lynn
Kovalic John Artist GoH 38 John Kovalic
McCharles Randy Fan GoH 30
McIntyre Vonda GoH 9 Vonda McIntyre
Marshall Don Podcasting Special Guest 34 GeeksOn Podcast
Matthews Jaymie Science GoH
Science GoH
MOST Satellite
Goodwill Moon Rock History
Mattingly David B. Artist GoH 39 (Canvention 34) David Burroughs Mattingly
Metzger George Artist GoH 8 George Metzger (artist)
Moskowitz Sam Fan GoH 15 Sam Moskowitz
Ng James Artist GoH 37 James Ng Art
Nicholson Ryan Media GoH 27 Ryan Nicholson
Nielsen Hayden Patrick Editor GoH 19 (Westercon 44) Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Nielsen Hayden Teresa Editor GoH 19 (Westercon 44) Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Niven Larry GoH
Author GoH
Larry Niven
Normand Jean-Pierre Artist GoH 36
Notkin Debbie GoH 12
Oddsson Warren Artist GoH 19 (Westercon 44)
Penney Lloyd Filk GoH 25
Penney Yvonne Filk GoH 25
Pohl Frederik Author GoH 14 (Canvention 6) Frederik Pohl
Powers Tim Author GoH 27 Tim Powers
Priest Cherie Author GoH 35 Cherie Priest
Raupp Roger Artist GoH 18 Roger Raupp
Reichardt Randy GoH 14 (Canvention 6)
Robinson Frank M. Author GoH 12 Frank M. Robinson
Robinson Jeanne Author GoH 17 Jeanne Robinson
Robinson Kim Stanley Author GoH 21 Kim Stanley Robinson
Robinson Peter Podcasting Special Guest 34 GeeksOn Podcast
Robinson Spider Author GoH
Spider Robinson
Rothfuss Patrick Author GoH 33 Patrick Rothfuss
Runté Robert GoH 10
Sawyer Robert J. Author GoH
Author GoH
26 (Canvention 21)
Robert J. Sawyer
Scarborough Elizabeth Ann Author GoH 18 Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Schomburg Alex Artist GoH 15 Alex Schomburg
Shaw Bob Author GoH 17 Bob Shaw
Sheckley Robert Author GoH 17 Robert Sheckley
Silverberg Robert GoH
Author GoH
Robert Silverberg
Singer Jon GoH 9
Sledge Sharree GoH 13
Smedman Lisa Gaming GoH
Gaming Special Guest
Lisa Smedman
Smith Trestrail Verna GoH 19 (Westercon 44)
Snellings Lisa Artist GoH 33
Sohmer Ryan Webcomic GoH 34 Ryan Sohmer
Springett Martin Artist GoH 32 Martin Springett
Sternback Rick Artist GoH 40 Rick_Sternbach
Teves Miles Artist GoH 34 Miles Teves
Tompkins Suzanne GoH 19 (Westercon 44)
Turner Pat Artist GoH 26 (Canvention 21) Pat Turner Art & Illustration Studios
Tweet Jonathan Game Design Special Guest 27 Jonathan Tweet
van Vogt A. E. GoH 6 A. E. van Vogt
Vance Jack GoH 7 Jack Vance
Walsh Michael Toastmaster
Fan GoH
Michael Walsh (film critic)
Warren Bill Fan GoH 11 Bill Warren (film historian and critic)
Warren Elizabeth Fan GoH 11
Weber David Author GoH 39 (Canvention 34) David Weber
Wells Dan Author/Podcaster GoH 38 Dan Wells (author)
White Ted GoH 8 Ted White (author)
Wickham Sandra Toastmaster 39 (Canvention 34) Sandra Wickham, Author
Willes Christine Media GoH 34 Christine Willes
Willis Connie Author GoH 37 Connie Willis
Wood Susan Fan GoH 6 Susan Wood (science fiction)
Yang King Matt Podcasting Special Guest 34 IMdB: Matthew Yang King
Zelazny Roger GoH 8 Roger Zelazny


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