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A VCR/DVD combo is a multiplex or converged device, convenient for consumers who wish to use both VHS tapes and DVDs.

Hybrid VCR/DVD players were first introduced around the year 1999, and were sometimes criticized as being of poorer quality than stand-alone units. The first VCR/DVD combo player released was by Go Video, model DVR5000. The product also has a disadvantage in that if one function (DVD or VHS) becomes unusable, the entire unit must be replaced or repaired, though later models of DVD/VCR which suffered from DVD playback lag still functioned with the VCR.

Shortly after the turn of the century, hybrids including DVD recorders (instead of players) also become available. These can be used for transferring VHS material onto recordable blank DVDs.

More recently, AV manufacturers have combined DVD with TV, VCR and Home cinema systems. These devices tend to be more affordable.[citation needed]

In July 2016, Funai Electric, the last remaining manufacturer of VCR/DVD combos, announced they would cease production at the end of the month.[1]

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