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Origin Richmond, Virginia
Genres Punk, synthpop
Years active 2002–2007
Past members
  • Mya Anitai * Chad Middleton * Christian Newby * Stephen Smith * Casey Tomlin

VCR is a punk band with synthpop leanings. The band formed in November 2002 in Richmond, Virginia with a relatively unique lineup of a drummer, a bassist, and 3 synthesizers.

The band released their debut, self-titled EP on Richmond-based label Pop Faction in 2003. The release was limited to roughly 1000 copies. After no touring, the band was signed by SideOneDummy Records in 2005. The label re-released the band's debut EP with a slightly altered track listing that year. In 2006, the band released their first full-length album, Power Destiny.

In 2007 the band played their last show. In 2011 the Misfits Cassette was re-released on vinyl by Riot Style Records.


  • Chad Middleton - Vocals, Synthesizer, Sampler
  • Stephen Smith - Bass
  • Mya Anitai - Vocals, Synthesizer
  • Casey Tomlin - Synthesizer
  • Christian Newby - Drums


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