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VCS may refer to:

Video games[edit]


  • Veritas Cluster Server, a commercial high-availability computer clustering system
  • Version control system, a system for managing multiple revisions of the same unit of information
  • Virtual Cluster Switching, a proprietary data center networking technology
  • Microsoft Visual C#, a programming language (this initialism is used internally by the software)
  • VOIP Connection Server, a computer server hosting Voice over Internet Protocol service
  • Tandberg Video Communication Server
  • VeriSign Communications Services
  • Nvidia Quadro Plex Visual Computing System
  • Synopsys VCS, a Verilog language simulation program for chip design
  • Synopsys VCSi, a Verilog language simulation program for chip design that is slower than regular Synopsys VCS
  • Synopsys VCS MX, a Verilog and AMS language simulation program for chip design
  • Voice Changer Software, a type of voice changer
  • VCalendar file format, designed to store events, TO-DOs, meetings, anniversaries, appointments and work schedule.

Other uses[edit]