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The Hasbro/Tiger Electronics VCamNow is a digital tapeless camcorder targeted to children. It is designed as a complement to the VideoNow series of personal video players, and comes with editing software (the VideoNow Media Wizard) allowing users to create VideoNow videos on Microsoft Windows systems. It can also be used to take still photographs. It has so far been available in two designs, the grey and orange original design [1] and the grey/green/yellow VCamNow 2.0. Both designs are based on a standard compact camcorder design, with a flip-out LCD screen and a series of controls inside the screen space. Standard video resolution is 320x240 (considered roughly equivalent to VHS), while still pictures can be done at resolutions from 320x240 up to 2048x1536.

There are conflicting reports on how well it works with Apple Macintosh editing software; while the manufacturer does not officially support the Mac, some writers state that it uses standard video formats that can be edited in standard non-linear editing packages such as iMovie.

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