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VDO is a German brand of Continental Automotive which makes automotive electronics and mechatronics for powertrain, engine management system, fuel injection Systems. A full range of Tachograph and Data Management products and Telematics. Also since 1958 VDO supply components for pleasure boats, yachts and sailing boats. In 2018 the Marine business has been separated from VDO and brand of VDO Marine has been established. VDO Marine products are made by Swiss manufacture veratron AG.


VDO was founded by Adolf Schindling and the result of a merger between DEUTA (Deutsche Tachometer-Werke GmbH, English: German Speedometer Works, Ltd.) and OTA Apparate GmbH (Offenbacher Tachometer-Werke GmbH, English: (City of) Offenbach Speedometer Works, Ltd.) in the German city of Frankfurt am Main in 1929.[2] VDO stands for "Vereinigte DEUTA - OTA, English: United DEUTA - OTA."

In 1991, the company was acquired by Mannesmann. In 1999, Mannesmann was itself acquired by Vodafone and VDO was put up for sale. In 2000, the company was acquired by Siemens AG, Germany's biggest engineering company, and re-branded as Siemens VDO.[3] Siemens sold VDO to Continental in 2007.


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