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VEB Polytechnik was a company from the German Democratic Republic, located in Chemnitz (then called Karl-Marx-Stadt). In the GDR it was mainly known for producing overhead projectors, called PolyLux.

The company was founded in 1870 as Reißzeugrichter and manufactured drawing table tools. In 1874 the founder Emil Oskar Richter invented the bow compass. After switching its focus to overhead projectors in the late 1960s, it was renamed to VEB Polytechnik. After the collapse of the GDR, the remains of VEB Polytechnik were rescued in a new company called Polytechnik Frankenberg GmbH. They produced overhead projectors and hand lever cutting machines. The new company was also closed in 2006.

VEB Polytechnik is also famous for creating Poly Play, the only arcade videogame to be made in German Democratic Republic.

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