VESA Enhanced Video Connector

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M1-A EVC cable

The VESA Enhanced Video Connector is a VESA standard intended to reduce the number of cables around a computer by incorporating video, audio, FireWire and USB into a single cable system. The intention of the system was to make the monitor the central point of connection. Although the specific idea did not find favour with computer manufacturers, it was evolved into the somewhat more popular VESA Plug and Display standard.

A VESA EVC connector is capable of carrying analog video (VGA-based) output, video input (composite), FireWire, audio (analogue stereo), and USB signals. Pinout is somewhat similar to the newer VESA Plug and Display. It can be distinguished from a Plug and Display connector by the shell, which is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid similar to the shell of a D-subminiature instead of the "D"-shaped shell of a DVI connector.