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IndustryCloud computing provider, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service, Web hosting
FoundedJuly 2006

VEXXHOST is a privately held company based in Montreal, Quebec.[1] The company specializes in cloud computing services such as cloud servers based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.[2]


VEXXHOST was founded in 2006 and launched its services in July of that same year. In 2008, the company added near-CDP backup[3] and site builder[4] to its list of features offered to clients at no additional cost. Vexxhost was the first hosting provider to offer CloudFlare’s optimization technology as a free option to all its customers.[5] In March 2011, the company was one of the first web-hosting providers to offer Ruby on Rails 3 support.[6] After launching cloud reseller API and modules [7] in April 2012, Vexxhost launched its cloud computing service based on the OpenStack cloud operating system.[8] In March 2013, Vexxhost unveiled its cPanel Powered Cloud Sites Service.[9] As of May 2017, Vexxhost no longer offers web hosting services on their website. In August 2017, Vexxhost announced the addition of cloud load balancers powered by the OpenStack project Octavia to its list of offered cloud services.[10] During the same month, Vexxhost announced a new container service powered by the OpenStack project Magnum. The container service is used to deploy Kubernetes clusters.[11]

In November 2013, the company started sponsoring the Linux Foundation by providing courtesy hosting for the Linux Kernel.[12] VEXXHOST is also both an infrastructure donor and corporate sponsor to the OpenStack Foundation.[13]

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