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City Terrace, British Columbia
Broadcast area Central and Northern British Columbia, Canada
Branding CFNR Network, Classic Rock
Slogan Canada's First Nations Radio
Frequency 92.1 MHz (FM)
Repeater(s) (see article)
First air date unknown
Format Classic rock music, First Nations-oriented news, sports and cultural programming
ERP varies by community
Class mostly local community repeaters
Callsign meaning Canada's First Nations Radio
Owner Northern Native Broadcasting (Terrace)

CFNR-FM is a Canadian radio station based in Terrace, British Columbia, owned and operated by Northern Native Broadcasting (Terrace). The station operates at 92.1 FM from the station headquarters in Terrace. The programming reflects and is broadcast to over 70 First Nations communities in northern and central British Columbia and has an audience of over 150,000 listeners.[1] Programming of CFNR-FM is distributed to numerous repeater stations in the region.

The station describes its music programming as classic rock format. Programming includes sports broadcasts such as the All-Native Tournament, BC Lions football.


CFNR received approval on July 20, 1992, Northern Native Broadcasting was granted a licence for an English-language and Native-language station at Terrace.[2] The same year, CFNR received approval to operate a number of transmitters in northern British Columbia.[3] In 1993, CFNR received approval to add more transmitters.[4] In 1994, CFNR received approval to add a transmitter at Terrace.[5]

The most recent additions and a deletion of a transmitter were in 2007 and 2008.[6][7] More new transmitters may be added in the future.

On June 14, 2017, the CRTC granted CFNR's owner, Northern Native Broadcasting (Terrace), a license to operate a station in Vancouver at 106.3 MHz FM to serve the urban Indigenous population in that city. The frequency was previously licensed to Aboriginal Voices Radio Network which had its license revoked in 2015 for non-compliance issues. The station's call letters will be CKUR-FM.[8]


Communities in which CFNR-FM is broadcast, with their FM frequencies (in MHz) and call sign (where known):

Rebroadcasters of CFNR-FM
City of license Identifier Frequency RECNet CRTC Decision
Alexandria VF2173 97.1 FM Query
Alexis Creek VF???? 97.1 FM Query
Alkali Lake VF2272 96.1 FM Query
Atlin VF2133 96.1 FM Query
Bella Bella VF2232 96.1 FM Query
Bella Coola VF2233 96.1 FM Query
Blueberry River VF2110 96.1 FM Query
Broman Lake VF???? 98.1 FM Query
Burns Lake VF2111 96.1 FM Query
Canim Lake VF2134 96.1 FM Query
Canyon City VF2226 98.1 FM Query
Cheslatta VF2230 98.1 FM Query
Dease Lake VF2066 97.1 FM Query
Dog Creek VF2276 96.1 FM Query
Doig River VF2112 96.1 FM Query
Fort Babine VF2231 98.1 FM Query
Fort Ware VF2113 96.1 FM Query
Gitanyow (formerly Kitwancool) VF2118 96.1 FM Query
Gitsegeukla VF???? 97.1 FM Query
Gitwangak VF???? 98.1 FM Query
Good Hope Lake VF2072 96.1 FM Query
Halfway River VF2162 96.1 FM Query
Hartley Bay VF???? 96.1 FM Query
Hazelton VF2163 98.1 FM Query
Iskut VF2114 96.1 FM Query
Kincolith VF2115 96.1 FM Query
Kispiox VF2065 96.1 FM Query
Kitamaat Village VF2116 96.1 FM Query
Kitkatla VF2117 98.1 FM Query
Klemtu VF2227 96.1 FM Query
Laxgalts'ap ? 96.1 FM Query
Lower Post VF2078 96.1 FM Query
Masset VF2079 96.1 FM Query
McLeod Lake VF2273 96.1 FM Query
Metlakatla VF2119 98.1 FM Query
Moberly VF2077 96.1 FM Query
Moricetown VF2169 95.1 FM Query
Nautley VF2274 98.1 FM Query
Necoslie VF???? 97.1 FM Query
Nemaiah Valley VF2228 96.1 FM Query
New Aiyansh VF2271 96.1 FM Query
Port Simpson VF2170 96.1 FM Query
Red Bluff VF???? 96.1 FM Query
Skidegate VF2171 97.1 FM Query
Smithers VF2169 95.1 FM Query 2008-74
Soda Creek VF2275 98.1 FM Query
Stoney Creek VF2234 95.1 FM Query
Sugar Cane VF2235 97.1 FM Query
Tache VF2166 98.1 FM Query
Takla Landing VF2164 96.1 FM Query
Telegraph Creek VF2120 96.1 FM Query
Toosey VF2172 96.1 FM Query
Topley VF2229 95.1 FM Query
Tsay Keh Dene VF???? 97.1 FM Query
Williams Lake VF2235 96.1 FM Query
Ulkatcho VF???? 96.1 FM Query
Houston VF???? 96.1 FM Query 2016-126

On August 7, 2009, CFNR-FM applied to the CRTC to add a transmitter at Hazelton/Seely Mountain at 96.1 MHz.[9] This application was approved on December 14, 2009.[10][11]

On October 25, 2013, CFNR-FM received approval to change the authorized contours of VF2073 Quesnel by increasing the transmitter’s average effective radiated power from 1.6 to 6.5 watts (non-directional antenna) and the effective height of antenna above average terrain from 81 to 236.2 metres, and by relocating the transmitter site. The change in site was due to frequent vandalism acts committed on the site, which resulted in violations that occurred beyond the station's control, such as the transmitter broadcasting an empty carrier.[12]

On May 21, 2015, CFNR-FM received approval to operate a low-power FM rebroadcasting transmitter at Fort Nelson at 96.1 MHz with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 8 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain (EHAAT) of 36.7 metres). [13]

On December 8, 2015, CFNR-FM received approval to operate a low-power FM rebroadcasting transmitter at Hartley Bay at 96.1 MHz with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 8 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain (EHAAT) of -66.8 metres). [14]

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Coordinates: 54°31′04″N 128°28′21″W / 54.51778°N 128.47250°W / 54.51778; -128.47250