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VIA3 Corporation
Private Corporation
Industry Telecommunications software and services
Founded 1999
Headquarters San Jose, California (United States)
Area served
Key people
Brian Hodges, (Chief Executive Officer); Julie Arrington, (Director of Finance and Operations)
Products VIA3 Messenger, VIA3 Meeting Manager, VIA3 Intelligent Recording, VIA3 Share Desktop, VIA3 Presentations, VIA3 Whiteboard, VIA3 Workspaces, VIA3 Administration.

VIA3 Corporation is a company that provides web collaboration, online meeting, web conferencing, and video conferencing applications. Its product is the VIA3 suite of web conferencing applications.


VIA3 Corporation was founded in 1999 and has offices located in San Jose, CA, Scottsdale, AZ and Redmond, WA. The Company continues to augment VIA3 with new and enhanced capabilities, and is developing additional products and services under the VIACK 2.0 brand.

Products and services[edit]

VIA3 – VIA3 delivers live audio, video, instant messaging, application viewing and sharing, whiteboarding, and secure workspaces directly from the desktop, over any public or private IP network, whether fixed, mobile or wireless.

  • VIA3 Messenger - Send and receive secure instant messages, along with a presence detection feature to determine when contacts are online and available to meet.
  • VIA3 Meeting Manager - Securely connects users with audio, video, and data collaboration tools.
  • VIA3 Intelligent Recording - Record and playback meeting attendees audio and video. Microsoft PowerPoint presentations can also be recorded and played back.
  • VIA3 Share Desktop - An application viewing tool that has the additional capability of enabling application sharing. Two or more users can see the same application and if needed, share control.
  • VIA3 Presentations - Shows a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to everyone in the meeting. Everyone in the meeting sees the same presentation as the presenter, including animations, video clips etc. The presentation is automatically scaled to fit each audience member's screen so everyone sees the entire slide without having to scroll.
  • VIA3 Whiteboard - Whiteboard features tools such as a laser pointer, drawing and text tools.
  • VIA3 Workspaces - A Workspace is a secure web-based portal designed to connect users, processes and information. Workspaces allow teams and work groups to collaborate. Members can view and post information, share files and documents, maintain version control, organize meetings, and post discussions.
  • VIA3 Administration:
  • IT Administration - IT departments can turn on and off or limit key VIA3 functionality on an individual or account basis.
  • Co-Branding - IT Admins can replace the VIA3 logo with their own logo.
  • Directory Service Support (LDAP) - IT administrators can export users from their Active Directory Service and synchronize VIA3 when users are added, updated or removed.
  • VIA3 Logging and Auditing - Administrators and account managers track VIA3 usage, password changes, and Workspace changes.
  • FIPS 140-2 Certification - The VIA3 cryptographic module has been certified to meet Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1,[1] a government standard for cryptographic module security requirements as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • On-Site VIA3 - VIA3 can be provided as an on-premises service to organizations that wish to manage the service within their own network.

Corporate Governance[edit]

Top management team:


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