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Eden-N 800MHz processor, next to capacitors and VIA CLE266 northbridge. Its size is only 1.5×1.5cm (heatsink removed).

VIA Eden is a name of a variant of VIA's C3/C7 x86 processors, designed to be used in embedded devices. They have smaller package sizes, lower power consumption, and somewhat lower computing performance than their C equivalents, due to reduced clock rates. They are often used in EPIA mini-ITX, nano-ITX, and Pico-ITX motherboards. In addition to x86 instruction decoding, the processors have a second undocumented Alternate Instruction Set.

The Eden is available in four main versions:

  • Eden ESP: Samuel 2 and Nehemiah cores (300 MHz-1.0 GHz) - EBGA 35mm×35mm package, 66/100/133 MHz FSB
  • Eden-N: Nehemiah core (533 MHz-1.0 GHz) - NanoBGA 15mm×15mm package, 133 MHz FSB
  • Eden: Esther core (400 MHz-1.2 GHz) - NanoBGA2 21mm×21mm package, 400 MT/s FSB
  • Eden ULV: Esther core (500 MHz-1.5 GHz) - NanoBGA2 21mm×21mm package, 400 MT/s FSB

The Eden ULV 500 MHz was the first variant to achieve a TDP of 1W .[1]

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