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VIA GM FP9.jpg
Via FP9ARM #6309 undergoing restoration at the Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant, Quebec (September 2007)
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-electric
BuilderCN Rail (GMD)
Gauge4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Length54 ft 8 in (16.66 m)
Prime moverEMD 645C
Engine typeV16 diesel
Performance figures
Power output1,800 hp (1,300 kW)
LocaleNorth America

The Via Rail FP9ARM was a re-manufactured version of a GMD FP9A Diesel passenger locomotive, rebuilt between 1983 and 1985 by Canadian National Railways at their Pointe St-Charles shops.


In the early 1980s, Via was suffering from reliability problems with its motive power. While an order for GMD F40PHs was expected to be announced, Via needed to something in the interim to improve service on its routes.

Via Rail had a surplus of steam-heated GMD Via FP9A units built in the 1950s and so fifteen of these units were chosen to be re-manufactured. The first twelve units, 6300–6311, were re-manufactured at the CN Pointe St-Charles shops in Montreal while the final three, 6312–6314, were re-manufactured at the CN shops in Moncton, New Brunswick. As part of the re-manufacturing many original components were replaced or upgraded - the original 16-567C engines were rebuilt with 645E series power assemblies, and the Woodward governor was revised, thereby raising the net power for traction from 1,750 to 1,800 hp (1,300 to 1,340 kW).

The first five, re-manufactured in 1983 and early 1984, were outshopped without steam generators and became Via Rail class GPA-418a while the remainder, re-manufactured with Vapor steam generators in mid-1984 to mid-1985, became Via Rail class GPA-418b.

By 1997 Via Rail had retired virtually all of its older steam-heated rolling stock. It was felt that many of the FP9ARMs were still usable, and some of the units had their steam generators and associated piping removed and were retrofitted with head end power alternators. 6300, 6302, 6304, 6307, 6308, 6311 and 6313 all had this done, with the remainder of the units put into storage.

All units were retired and stricken from the active roster upon the completion of delivery of the 900-series P42DCs in late 2001.


After rebuilding the FP9ARM units could be found in service across Canada.

In later years the locomotives were used on services in Northern Manitoba and in Northern Quebec. Their use on these lines allowed for the GMD Via F40PH-2 previously used on these lines to be transferred to other duties. They remained on these lines until retirement.


  • 6300 was wrecked in the Hinton train collision on February 4, 1986, but was the only locomotive to survive the wreck and was rebuilt with the cab from a former KCS F unit. While EMD FP7 6566, EMD F9 6633, EMD GP38-2 5586, EMD SD40-2 5062 and 5104 didn't, they were either totally destroyed or damaged beyond repair and scrapped.
  • The 6310 and 6314 were both wrecked in 1993.


6300 was used by Via Rail as a shop switcher in Vancouver, BC until being donated to the BC chapter of the National Railway Historical Society[1]. 6304 and 6311 are currently held under private ownership at the Alberta Railway Museum[2]. 6309 has been loaned to the Canadian Railway Museum, located at Saint-Constant, Quebec. 6305 is in use by Ontario Southland Railway as number 6508 near Woodstock, ON, Canada and sees regular duty pulling trains from the CAMI GM Yard in Ingersoll, ON, Canada to the CP yard in Woodstock, ON, Canada. 6306 is preserved as CN 6520 at the West Coast Railway Association. 6307 and 6313 are currently owned and operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway as Canadian Pacific 4106 and 4107, part of the Royal Canadian Pacific tourist trains.[1]

Fleet details[edit]

Key: Preserved Scrapped Still with Via Sold

63xx ex 65xx Serial Build date Remanufactured Notes
6300 6524 A1196 04/57 12/83 Donated to the BC chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in 2011.[1]
6301 6534 A1394 05/58 12/83 Stored at the Montreal Maintenance Centre
6302 6533 A1393 05/58 12/83 Sold Georgia Southwestern Railroad 6302 Now in service on the Texas State Railroad.[1]
6303 6539 A1399 07/58 12/83 Sold Ontario Southland Railway 1400.[1]
6304 6509 A639 12/54 03/84 Sold IFE Leasing 6304. Privately owned and stored at Alberta Railway Museum.[1][2]
6305 6508 A638 12/54 06/84 Sold Ontario Southland Railway 6508.[1]
6306 6520 A1050 03/57 06/84 Operational West Coast Railway Association as CN 6520.[1]
6307 6515 A1045 01/57 10/84 Sold Ohio Central Railroad 6307. Now in service with Canadian Pacific as #4106.[1]
6308 6521 A1051 03/57 12/84 Sold Georgia Southwestern Railroad 6308 Now in service on the Texas State Railroad.[1]
6309 6528 A1200 05/57 12/84 Loaned to Exporail/Canadian Railway Museum.[1]
6310 6532 A1204 05/57 12/84 Wrecked, 09/04/1993
6311 6529 A1201 05/57 12/84 Sold IFE Leasing 6311.Privately owned and stored at Alberta Railway Museum.[1][2]
6312 6523 A1195 03/57 12/84 Sold Ontario Southland Railway 1401.[1]
6313 6526 A1198 04/57 03/85 Sold Ohio Central Railroad 6313. Now in service with Canadian Pacific as #4107.[1]
6314 6527 A1199 04/57 05/85 Wrecked, 09/04/1993


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