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VIA University College
VIA University College
VIA UC logo.png
Type Public university
Established 2008
Endowment DKK 1.2 billion
Rector Harald Mikkelsen
Administrative staff
Students 20,000
Location Aarhus, Denmark Denmark
Campus Campus Aarhus C, Campus Aarhus N, Campus Horsens (VBI Park), Campus Randers, Campus Viborg and Campus Holstebro as well as other adresses.
Logo of VIA University College

VIA University College is a university college (Danish: professionshøjskole) organisation in Central Denmark Region, Denmark, established in January 2008. It is present in the region with a total of eight campuses.


VIA University College offers vocational bachelor courses of all kinds.[1]

From January 2008, all medium higher education in the Central Region previously under CVU (Center for Higher Education), became organized under VIA, and VIA University College became Denmark's third largest educational institution after Copenhagen University and Aarhus University[2] with approximately 2,000 employees and 20,000 students.

VIA operates within the pedagogical, the health profession and the technical-commercial area. Overall, VIA offers more than 50 higher educations in Danish, with vocational education and participating in various research and development projects. Some of the educations are taught in English.[1]

VIA is headquartered in Aarhus, but the activities are anchored on eight campuses spread across 39 locations throughout the region. VIA's annual turnover is 1.2 billion DKK.[1]


Campus Aarhus C, built in 2015.
Vitus Bering Innovation (VBI) Park in Horsens.
Campus Randers C, VIA University College, built in 2011

VIA University College has several campuses across Central Region Denmark and is present in Aarhus, Grenå, Randers, Skive, Viborg, Holstebro, Skive, Nørre Nissum, Ikast, Herning, Silkeborg, Skanderborg and Horsens.

Campus Aarhus[edit]

In Aarhus, where VIA University College has its headquarters, there are two campuses, both newly built. The Campus Aarhus N in Skejby, next to Aarhus University Hospital (DNU), is focussing on nursing, health and nutritional educations and VIA Campus Aarhus C in the new residential area of CeresByen in central Aarhus is focussing on teachers training and pedagogy, but also includes assorted business, media, design, architectural and constructional vocational programmes.[3][4]

Campus Horsens[edit]

Campus Horsens holds most of the engineering, technical and business programmes of VIA University College, but soon Danish programmes in nursing and in pedagogy will also be present here to the professional multiplicity.

The increasing campus population is now around 4,000 students – of whom approx. half are international students from more than 40 different countries.[5]

The new student housing placed directly on Campus contributes to the pulse here, as does the Student Bar, social activities and group work after classes.

Above Campus Horsens towers the newly built 8,000 m2 Vitus Bering Innovation Park, named after the famous Horsens resident and Arctic explorer Vitus Bering (1681 - 1741). The VBI Park also plays an important role in the interaction between the programmes and the companies that employ the students after graduation. Another facilitator of contact between students and companies is the Career Service Centre, also based on Campus.

Campus Randers[edit]

In Randers VIA University College offers nursing, social education and as one out two university colleges in Denmark, VIA also offers psychomotor therapy.[6] The campus is situated in the middle of Randers in a new three story building, which houses the aforementioned educations as well as COK educations.[7] The latter is not offered by VIA, but by a third party. Furthermore, from 2017 VIA also offers FIF-courses in Randers, which is a preparation course for refugees and immigrants.[8] Finally, from 2017 the social education department offers a six month 30 ECTS course in the Early Childhood-field.[9] Approximately 800 students attend the educations housed at campus Randers.[10] In addition to the aforementioned educations, campus Randers also offers counselling in entrepreneurship as part of VIA's growth initiatives and in collaboration with the municipality of Randers as well as Business Academy Dania.[11]


VIA University College has four faculties.

  • Faculty of Education and Social Studies
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries
  • Faculty of Continuing Education

Degree Programmes[edit]

VIA University College offers both undergraduate and graduate programmes in the following fields, IN ENGLISH:

2-year programmes

  • AP Degree in Marketing Management
  • AP Degree in Design and Business

1½-year programmes

  • BA Top-Up Degree in Design and Business

3-4 year programmes

  • Architectural Technology and Construction Management
  • Character Animation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Graphics Artist
  • Global Business Engineering
  • Global Nutrition and Health
  • ICT Engineering
  • International Sales and Marketing Management
  • Mechanical Engineering, Horsens
  • Value Chain Management[12]
  • Master's degrees
  • Master in European Construction Engineering

VIA Summer School[edit]

Every year, VIA offers a variety of summer schools at Campus Horsens. The courses are taught in English.

Partners universities and programmes[edit]

VIA University College is engaged in various international research and development projects as the leading institution or as a partner. Projects are initiated under a variety of funding programmes and are often interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial yet always rooted within the educational fields of VIA's Faculties and Schools.

Partners universities:

Some of the programmes VIA is participating in:

  • Erasmus (Life Long Learning Programme)
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • EU – Australia
  • DK – USA/Canada
  • Tempus

See also[edit]

There are several other university college organisations in Denmark:


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