VIP (magazine)

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Publisher Michael O'Doherty
First issue 1999
Country Ireland
Based in Dublin
Language English

VIP (standing for Very Important Person) is both the title of a magazine and a publishing group owned by the Irish publisher Michael O'Doherty.

O'Doherty is a well-known and controversial public figure and media pundit who writes a long-running column for the Independent Newspaper Group and has appeared on the reality TV programme Come Dine With Me. His speeches at the high-profile VIP Style Awards, in which he annually satirises members of the Irish celebrity scene, have been widely circulated.

The VIP group currently consists of three titles (VIP, TV Now, Stellar) and four companies (Minjara Limited ("Minjara"), Vymura Limited ("Vymura"), Barndee Limited ("Barndee") and VIP Publishing Limited).