VIP my Brother Superman

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VIP, My Brother Superman
Directed byBruno Bozzetto
Screenplay by
Story byBruno Bozzetto[1]
Music byFranco Godi[1]
CinematographyLuciano Marzetti[1]
Edited by
  • Luciano Marzetti
  • Giancarlo Rossi[1]
Bruno Bozzetto Film[1]
Release date
  • 1968 (1968) (Italy)
Running time
79 minutes[1]

VIP: My Brother Superman (Italian: VIP, mio fratello superuomo) is a 1968 Italian animated film directed by Bruno Bozzetto. It is a parody of superheroes[2] and enjoyed a good commercial and critical success.[3] In 2008 it was produced a spin-off TV-series in 3D animation, PsicoVip.[4][5]


A satire of modern society that is as topical as ever, or perhaps just a funny tale for children - depending on your age, mood or liking. Recounting the adventures of the last in a line of Supermen, the film pokes fun at the processes that lie behind advertising, politics and our consumer society.[6]

Bruno Bozzetto's animated satire about two descendants of superpowered beings, known as the Vips. One of these modern day superheroes -- SuperVip, to be exact -- is easily recognizable as such, possessing an Adonis-like physique, a dynamic personality and an array of heightened abilities. The other -- MiniVip -- is not quite so prepossessing. His growth is stunted, he wears horn-rimmed glasses, his paunch is wider than his chest, and his powers are a bit more limited than his brother's. But both Vips are needed when a Happy Betty, lady tycoon with a taste for ruling the world, rears her ugly head. The question is, can MiniVip defeat his worst enemy -- his intimidated ego -- to help save the day?[7]



VIP, My Brother Superman was the second feature length animation made by director Bruno Bozzetto after his Western spoof West and Soda.[1] Bozzetto felt that an American he refers to as Lady Robinson was "a real pain in the ass!" as she would come to Milan and felt "entitled to talk about the film, and came up with mind-blowing bullshit!"[1] The character known as Happy Betty has slave employees in the film who are Asian, which led to American finances of the film to make objections.[8] Bozzetto stated that Lady Robinson felt the film could not be sold to Japan with the Asian slave characters and asked to make them green.[8]


My Brother Superman was released in Italy in 1968.[1] The film was released on DVD in the United States by DigiView Entertainement as Vip, My Brother Superman.[8]



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