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VISIONng is a non-profit making association dedicated to support its members for the deployment of worldwide inter-domain and multi-vendor IP Telephony services.

The mission of VISIONng is to provide a framework for all the necessary measures to be taken by the signatories together to ensure the opening of a commercial global public IP-Telephony service in their respective countries or regions in 2001 and beyond.

VISIONng has been allocated a range within the +878 country code of Universal Personal Telecommunications by ITU. The ENUM delegation of +87810 was requested by VISIONng chairman Herwart Wermescher and was confirmed by Counsellor, SG2 of ITU-TSB Richard Hill on May 21, 2002. The first production service was opened in June 2004 by Sentiro.


  • Non-profit Associoation
  • Open Association
  • No membership fees during startup
  • Formed in January 2001
  • Promotes an open architecture for international harmonized inter-domain and multi-vendor IP telephony
  • Telephony service deployment on international interconnected IP networks


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