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A VITAband showing a Visa Debit card

VITAband is a silicone encircling strip worn on the wrist. It can be referred to a bracelet-like band of a wristwatch, to the cuff or other part of a sleeve that covers the wrist. It is a lightweight, waterproof and hypoallergenic[1] flexible wristband that is used when jogging, running, cycling or hiking, or when carrying a wallet is inconvenient.[2][3] VITAband holds emergency medical information and Visa RFID credit card information.[2] The wristband has two unique features.[4] It comprises an integrated Visa Debit card with payWave wireless functionality and a toll-free phone number with unique identity code that can be used by EMTs to retrieve health information and contacts in case of an accident or health emergency.[4][5][6]


VITAband was created by David Waxman and Jason Brown in 2007 and was launched in September 2009.[7][8] The idea was conceived from medical ID bracelet but the designers had targeted athletes. So, they set out to design a medical ID bracelet that was comfortable to wear while jogging, running, cycling, hiking, etc., along with being versatile enough to use during exercise.[9] VITAband is a combination of design and function which conveniently and securely stores emergency information remotely and offers access to money by contactless payment.[7]



The designers wanted to set their product apart from others so they integrated contactless payment technology into the band.[8] A user has to set up his Emergency Response Profile (ERP), which includes basic contact information, blood type, allergies, insurance information, medications, and emergency contacts.[8][9] Annual subscription is required to maintain the Emergency Response Profile (ERP)[1] In the case of an emergency, medical professionals are trained to look for the number on the user's VITAband and then would have instant access to their ERP.[10] It's a simple bracelet that is keyed to a remote website that holds vital information, such as name, address, and any medical conditions a user might have.[11] The system accepts insurance information.[4][11] An integrated Visa debit card with payWave wireless functionality has been used.[5] Via this technology, the user makes a payment by waving the chip in front of a credit card terminal. To use the contactless payment via VITAband which is a prepaid card, the user must first set up a VITAband Visa prepaid card.[4][12] Users can load the card with anywhere from US$25 to $500 via the company website.[9]


VITAband comes in two sizes:[1] a small size of 180 mm (7.1 in) and a large size of 202 mm (8.0 in).[1][3]


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