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Leader Hendrik Boonen[1]
Founded 2006 (2006)
Preceded by Groep Coveliers
Headquarters National Secretariat
Edelinckstraat 17
BE 2018 Antwerp
Ideology international = None
European affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Cartel Vlaams Belang
Colours Blue/White
Walloon counterpart None
German-speaking counterpart None

VLOTT is a minor Belgian right-wing liberal or fortuynist political party. Its title, VLOTT, is a backronym for "Flemish, Liberal, Independent, Tolerant, Transparent" (Vlaams, Liberaal, Onafhankelijk, Tolerant, Transparant). It was founded on 23 November 2005 by ex-Open VLD member Hugo Coveliers. It participated in a list-cartel with the Vlaams Belang in the October 2006 Antwerp municipal elections and in selected provincial, municipal and district elections elsewhere in Flanders. Despite the popularity of their founder in Antwerp (13 623 personal votes, 3rd most popular) the shared effort of the cartel-partners did only result in a small 0.5 percent win, with no extra seat in the city-council. In 2007, VLOTT did not participate in the general elections, but their candidates appeared as independents on the Vlaams Belang ballots. Only founder Hugo Coveliers was elected to the Belgian Senate. After Coveliers withdrawal from active politics early 2012 Vlaams Belang stopped its cooperation with the party.[2][1]


The VLOTT party advocates the independence of Flanders. Democracy and individual liberalism are central tenets of its principles. The party opposes multi-culturalism.


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