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VL Kotka on Tikkakoski airport in March 1940.
VL E.30 Kotka, KA-147, in Vesivehma in 2006

VL Kotka ("Eagle") was a Finnish two-seat, biplane maritime patrol aircraft, designed and built by the Valtion lentokonetehdas or VL ("State Aircraft Factory"). It was meant as a cheaper replacement (compared to the Blackburn Ripon) for the outdated IVL A.22 Hansas that were in service with the Finnish Air Force.[1]

The prototype made its first flight on September 30, 1930. In 1931, the State Aircraft Factory began production of a series of five aircraft. These were used as liaison aircraft until 1944.[2]

One aircraft (KA-147) is on display at the Päijät-Häme Aviation Museum.[3]


  • VL E.30 Kotka - prototype (KA-144) and three of the production aircraft (KA-145 – KA-148).
  • VL E.31 Kotka - the last, more modified series production aircraft (KA-149).



Specifications (KA-147, land aircraft)[edit]

Data from [4]

General characteristics



  • Guns:
  • Bombs: 3 × 100 kg or 6 × 50 kg bombs under the fuselage

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